Albion Online

Albion Online

Those who have ever had unforgettable early life memories with an MMORPG game will probably continue to search for games of this genre many years later to immerse themselves in the heroic battles. Come to the world of Albion Online APK, this game is what you looking for.

Introduce about Albion Online

Do whatever you like, war or peace, you still have your freedom.

Every freedom has a price

Albion Online will take you into an open world (typical sandbox style). You can do whatever you like, decide whatever you want. In true “sandbox” style, players have the tools to change the world itself and create their gameplay. So in Albion Online, there is almost no plot but only the context of each event and you are one of the individuals of that event. Making it all by yourself is the purpose that covers the whole game.

Albion Online does not have too many character choices, nor does it have character classes for you to choose from like other MMORPGs. So you can focus on expanding the world into different dimensions, and other small and large details to bring a truly spacious and free feeling when playing.

Your reputation will decide everything

In addition to the fact that I just mentioned above, no matter which character you choose, you don’t have many classes to choose from. Albion Online doesn’t even give the character any experience or attribute points. When you remove all equipment, weapons, and armor, everyone is “empty” equally, meaning they have the same starting stats, no matter how long you have been playing. Many new players will love this, but those who want to play a game seriously will not like this very much.

Personally, I think it has its advantages. First, it makes a difference for Albion Online in other mobile MMORPGs. The second is that it’s true in real life, if you give up all your fame, money, position, makeup, everyone is the same, the only difference is age.

Third, although there is no experience point, your character will have Fame. Fame is the only thing accumulated in this game and the higher the Fame, the better equipped the character is. And all character stats, skills, and combat abilities depend on the equipment of each character. The more Fame, the stronger your character is. And finding and mixing different equipment has become a specialty of Albion Online.

Selling and trading

In Albion Online, you will also not see any shops or booths to exchange personal belongings with NPCs. But you and other players will have to work together to create a separate trading mode in the game. The “self-sufficient” mode stretches across this open world.

It probably makes you worried that someone who’s been playing for a long time will have more resources than a newbie like me. You can rest assured that in Albion Online there is no such thing as “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. I agree that when playing, you will see that new-level players will only collect some resources like fiber, wood, hide, ore and stone. But the problem is that players at a higher level if they want to craft a high-class refined resource, they have to combine what they have with a secondary item that a newbie like you have.

For example, creating a tier 4 refined item would require a tier 3 refined item plus a tier 2 refined resource. Ironically, these items are not obtainable in the territories of higher-tier players. And they can only come to you to offer to exchange. So you always have a way to earn money (silver, the main currency in the game) no matter what level your character is at.

A lot of PvP battles, you can choose to fight or not

First, PVP is the most important part. In which the map is divided into many color areas, each color has a purpose and some constraints of its own. For example, Yellow is limited to PvP, only for those who have opened hostile, while Red and Black are free PvP zones. When you enter, you will fight hard to defeat whoever is present. If you win, you will be able to loot all of the loser’s belongings, equipment, weapons, and mounts. Especially the rare items level 5 and 6 will only be available in these two areas, so if you want to get them, you only have to fight.

Besides fighting, you can also do a lot of other things

Albion Online allows you to ride animals around the open world. Riding animals increases your movement speed and increases the number of items you can carry on each trip. Each animal has its characteristics and abilities, for example, bulls move slowly but can carry a lot of things, while horses move quickly but bear less weight.

But for me, the most interesting part is probably grasslands, fields and gardens, peace and wild animals. If you want to stay away from the deadly battlefield, you can always return to these peaceful areas in the game to create your land. You are free to repair your house, plant, breed, decorate your house with a lot of loot from your life of war. The game brings more than 50 constructions from homes to shops, buildings, special military areas… You will create everything for yourself, turn your place into a rich land, and be a “king” a realm yourself, of course when you have enough silver and necessary resources.

However, you still relate to the wars. In the rear, you can still support your Guild by providing food, goods, and animals.

Everyone has their own choice in the game. Whatever you choose, the way you take is full of amazing things to experience.

Download Albion Online APK for Android

Albion Online’s 3D graphics is not so excellent compared to modern games of the same genre on mobile. But in return, it gets impressive detail and depth. The design and construction aren’t too fancy and the effects will help you focus on creative activities in the game such as farming, forming a guild, or partying with other players to raid in different expeditions… It’s not always killing monsters and killing monsters. In short, this is a very worthwhile MMORPG game.

Download now here to immerse yourself in this extremely open virtual world.

What's new update

- Six new Victory Emotes added, Twitch Drops expanded
- Balance Changes to Staffs, Armors, and more
- Various UI improvements
- Various spell, UI, graphical, audio, and localization fixes
- For the complete list of changes, see our website:
  • 4.5
4.5 (164754)
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App Info
  • App Name Albion Online
  • Package Name com.albiononline
  • Publisher Sandbox Interactive GmbH
  • Updated
  • Required Android 8.0
  • Version v1.22.060.247107
  • MOD Unlimited Money  
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