BitLife Cats - CatLife
BitLife Cats - CatLife

BitLife Cats - CatLife

An addicting text life simulator game for cats from the makers of BitLife!

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Name BitLife Cats - CatLife
Publisher Candywriter LLC
Genre Android
Size 103.23 MB
Version 1.6.1
Update Mar 24, 2022
MOD Unlocked Top Cat
BitLife Cats - CatLife is the most famous version in the BitLife Cats - CatLife series of publisher Candywriter LLC
Mod Version 1.6.1
Total installs 500,000+

CatLife: BitLife Cats MOD APK simulates the whole life of a cat from childhood to adulthood and death. Have you ever thought if you turned into a cat, what would your life be like? To know that feeling, you are invited to play CatLife: BitLife Cats.

Introduce about CatLife: BitLife Cats

If you turned into a cat, how would you live your life?

Dogs and cats are the two most intimate pets of mankind. While dogs are loyal, quiet, protective, and sometimes clumsy when it comes to emotions. The cat is very cuddly, very fond of, and pleases the owner with loving and cuddly actions. That’s why owners often love and care for their pet cat unconditionally. That’s why some people call the cat “boss”.

And if you still don’t understand why many people choose cats as their close and attached pets, you must try this lovely simulation game CatLife: BitLife Cats.

The simulation game where you live like a cat is too cute with a different style

When playing CatLife: BitLife Cats, you will become a weak kitten. You have a name, a specific appearance, and you belong to one of the cat breeds: Himalayan, Persian, Sphynx, Maine coon, and many more. Life presents you with many challenges and opportunities. With the simple thought of a cat, you will choose what, or how to behave. Each action will lead to different subsequent developments. The ultimate goal is to live the cat life to the fullest and enjoy all the surprises that life offers.

The simulation-style in CatLife: BitLife Cats is a bit different from the animal simulation games you know. Instead of focusing all your mind on the animal’s movement, now, the cat you incarnate spends most of the time on landmark thoughts and decisions. The basic image appears as part of the narration. Then there are the interactive text screens, where you can understand the cat’s true feelings, or read the countless situations that happen to your feline friend and make choices as a cat. This is a simulation that combines interaction. Those who like to ponder, think, meditate a bit in simulation games will love this form.

Each time you choose an answer for the cat, you will only be able to choose one option. There is no right or wrong, just choose and after that, things will turn out sometimes completely differently depending on your choices. Therefore, the personality, characteristics, and style of each cat (corresponding to each player) are completely different. You will constantly discover new things emerging from your own choices. So put your whole heart into the game and behave like a real cat.

Cats need respect

Accompanied by a series of events and situations that happen to your cat, CatLife: BitLife Cats also brings an animal hierarchy. Thanks to that, you, in the role of the cat, can make accurate judgments for the surrounding environment yourself. The animals that you meet on the road or somewhere in your life will be divided by rank.

You will need to do many things to prove and bring high rank, thereby earning the respect of the animals around. Either way, it all depends on the play style of each person. You can be soft, weak but have many tricks, or you can be cute to make the other person always soft, or you can choose to be strong and courageous and become a symbol of courage and toughness. Either way is fine, as long as you slowly rise to a higher rank. Because otherwise you will be despised and eliminated.

If you yourself have good character orientations and actions from the beginning, later on, you will easily get better opportunities. And even when dying, the little cat is still respected and remembered by many people, including its owner, friends, familiar animals, and even enemies.

Cats need interaction

There are many animals and people your cat meets in your life. All of them affect your life later. And you’re the only one helping your cat make the right choices. For example, facing a fierce, aggressive dog, what will you do? Run away from it, defend it or find a way to cuddle to live peacefully with it. Every option has two sides. Which side do you choose, and which side do you sacrifice? It all depends on the judgment of each person. Remember rank and lasting happiness are your ultimate destination.

The cat’s special ability

To live a fulfilling life, in addition to having a clear mind to judge everything, your cat must also learn to make use of all his inherent abilities and skills. They are the ability to smell and distinguish a range of different scents, to remember them clearly, and to use that knowledge for later activities. Like the smell of fish, the smell of meat, the smell of fruit, the smell of the enemy, the smell of the owner… The more scents you can collect for your cat, the better the cat’s ability to detect the environment and its sensitivity will be.

Do you find this game familiar? That’s right, because it’s the “cat version” of DogLife: BitLife Dogs.

Learn to love and understand

You are a non-trivial cat. You also have many deeper, more secret desires. And you must constantly practice skills, perfecting perspectives to achieve great goals. There’s a lot to do in CatLife: BitLife Cats. You won’t have a minute to rest. Overcome all, collect a lot of glory and happiness for you. So that in the end, when you die, it is a departure with many regrets from people.

Accompany your cat, explore the worldview around it, grow from the difficulties and challenges in everyday life, live with ambition, have dreams, and go through life like a hero. Once you’ve finished playing this game, you’ll be more diligent in observing the animals around you, and you will cherish each little animal. Because behind them is a whole sometimes great world that you don’t know yet.

MOD APK version of CatLife: BitLife Cats

MOD feature

Unlocked Top Cat

Download CatLife: BitLife Cats APK & MOD for Android

The simulation game has a lot of interactivities, depth and has many human values. You not only learn about the strange worldview through the eyes of a cat but also learn many things for yourself, to love and care for animals more. Or to remember that everyone who lives in the world needs a dream to live well, work hard and do extraordinary things so that when you lie down, you will be truly happy and satisfied.

Thanks for your feedback and support, Bitizens!

What's new:

• Numerous bug fixes and optimizations


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