Bladed Fury
Bladed Fury

Bladed Fury

An action game set in the Ancient China, with unique Chinese traditional design.

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Name Bladed Fury
Publisher PM Studios
Genre Action
Version 1.0.0
Update Dec 13, 2021
Bladed Fury is the most famous version in the Bladed Fury series of publisher PM Studios
Mod Version 1.0.0
Total installs 500+

Bladed Fury APK, a classic 2D action game is based on Chinese mythology combined with a modern surreal style. It has a strong female character carrying a super-powerful slashing weapon fighting everywhere. It promises to make you an extremely eye-catching battle.

Introduce about Bladed Fury

The classy 2D hack and slash game in the context of ancient China


Here’s the thing, in the Warring States period, a mandarin under Duke Kang of Qi designed a sophisticated trap to dethrone the king and take over the country. He killed the Emperor, imprisoned the older princess, and blamed all on the younger princess (Princess Ji – the character you will transform). Ji was taken into exile. Along the way, she kept asking for help from the supreme gods, the kind souls who had protected the kingdom’s peace for many years like Hou Yi and Jingwei. They heard the request and gave Ji the power of Soul Silver so that in addition to the available strong spirit, tenacious heart, patriotism, and the fire of hatred burning in her heart, Ji also possessed extraordinary strength and a weapon of tremendous destructive power that can help her destroy any enemy.

But the road to avenge her father, regain her innocence, save her sister, and regain the lost kingdom was not easy. No one knows that behind those events, Duke Kang has plotted with the dark ghost forces that have been sleeping deeply since time immemorial. He used these monster minions to imprison everything under his control. It turns out that what awaits Ji now is not human warriors but an army of terrible monsters she has never seen before.

The game talks about the whole arduous journey of the heroic princess.


Bladed Fury is not for those of you who like to play classic and gentle games. Although the main character is a female, everything in here is quite bloody, full of violence, and boldly surreal. You will encounter super weapons that are sometimes several times bigger than the size of the person using them. You will meet the most terrible monsters in Chinese mythology, witness the bloody slashing scenes.

Choosing the female character as the main character is also an intention of the publisher. Women have rare flexibility that male warriors do not have. And women, once they hate, they will hate to the bone, and they will determine to find the source. Combining these two things with massive and heavy weapons, your character can go on long adventures and fight head-to-head with many giant monsters that are many times bigger than you.

Bladed Fury has a pretty cool mechanic, the Soulsilver system, which adds depth and changes the game’s tempo, making the fight even more interesting. This is also a unique feature that the developer has specially put to experience in this game. This soul system is the special power that the god has bestowed on Princess Ji so that she can absorb and capture the souls of the enemies after defeating them. After each capture of the enemy’s soul, her strength will increase significantly.

It can be said that the combat experience in Bladed Fury is “easy to learn but difficult to master”. You have to observe the situations, detect the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, choose the angle of attack where the enemy is most vulnerable, choose when to engage in close combat, or jump away to dodge obstacles when needed. Just mastering the quick actions of the character is a process of getting used to and practicing. I have not mentioned the unique weapons of this game yet.

Surrealism, the source of attraction in Bladed Fury

Maybe for many of you, the satisfying slashing screen in Bladed Fury is indeed what makes you download the game to play. But for me, the source of the attraction lies in its surrealism, which is presented as the oversized sword that the female character is carrying on her shoulder in the first gameplay images of the introduction page.

After each victory, you will be able to upgrade your weapon. This is where hardcore surrealism comes into play. Although you are a Chinese princess living in feudal times, you have in your hands a huge sharp sword and even round-barreled guns so big that you have to carry them on your shoulder. This quite interesting mix makes players sometimes know it’s absurd but still shake their thighs with pleasure. Thanks to these heavy weapons, the attractive girl can fight against the noisy monsters out there. Otherwise, those guys only need to slash once to kill you right away.

The contrast between trick and minimalism

Another thing that makes Bladed Fury attractive is the combination of many diverse forms into one game. Not only do you have to fight, but you must also constantly defend, rotate between different systems, run endlessly to escape and find targets, and finally must solve a series of hidden locations to Unlock new secrets and enemies.

The enemy also transforms as magically as the main character. Spider monsters, sumo devils, long-headed monsters… most of the scariest images in Chinese mythology are featured in this epic game. These bosses have a lot of magical moves that make you sweat. But thanks to the huge weapons and flexible movements of the female character, victory is still possible. One side is “monsters with many moves”, the other side is “a female hero who has few yet super-quality skills/weapons”. The forces are not so unbalanced, even in the battle against the most terrible monster.

Flexible combat experience

Despite carrying so many bulky weapons that are too big for her weight, our strong woman is not tired or showing signs of overload. The proof is that in any situation, she still responds well to all your controls. Jumping, gliding to the enemy, crouching down to dodge the attack, and then flying high, holding the large blade straight down to the head of the monster, splitting it in half… Her actions are kind of like that. Illogical but very attractive. The uncompromising fighting style and responsive, flexible movement experience have brought a variety of fighting styles and different ways of destroying enemies.

Even if you play this game again and meet the same monster, you will act differently because the battle situation in Bladed Fury is always unpredictable.

Download Bladed Fury APK free for Android

Bladed Fury still has certain limitations such as the constant spamming of keys without any specific strategy, as well as no more colorful upgrade system (which may be boring if played for a long time, especially for those of you who are used to a deep and well-rounded RPG system). But in return, the fierce fighting with surrealism has brought a very unique feature to Bladed Fury.



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