CrisisX - Last Survival Game
CrisisX - Last Survival Game

CrisisX - Last Survival Game

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Android Android 5.0Adventure
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Name CrisisX - Last Survival Game
Genre Adventure
Size 88.99 MB
Version 1.8.5
Update Jan 15, 2022
CrisisX - Last Survival Game is the most famous version in the CrisisX - Last Survival Game series of publisher HUNTERGAME
Mod Version 1.8.5
Total installs 50,000+

CrisisX APK is a third-person survival game from the publisher Huntergame with a post-apocalyptic setting. In the game, you are a lone warrior who has to find a way to survive when facing all kinds of dangers from the outside.

Introduce about CrisisX

A lone warrior’s long story about post-apocalyptic survival


In a seaside town, life is destroyed. Entire inhabitants have turned into zombies after the spread of a terrible disease. Everything has completely collapsed: the scenery is ruined, the houses are abandoned, people have turned into half-human and half-monster things that are eager to kill the survivors.

You can choose to play as a male or female warrior, but you are the lone warrior here. You will have to deal with the harsh living conditions of the town, and you must try to survive waves of zombie attacks and a variety of other dangerous situations.


Like many other survival games, after customizing, choosing gender, facial features, hair, costumes for your character…, you will be immediately thrown into this deadly town. You have to use all your skills to survive, fight zombies and complete a lot of missions in the game. Try to live as long as possible!

CrisisX doesn’t let you “swim alone”. It always offers some specific instructions with clear mission goals. Even newbies can get up to speed quickly. Gradually follow and perform this series of missions, your survival skills will become more and more advanced, and you will have more support tools. You need to search for food, water, craft tools, and self-defense weapons, hunt, fish, build a shelter (which will later turn into a fortress).

Slightly different from other similar survival games, CrisisX puts a lot of emphasis on combat. The zombies in this town seem to be more bloodthirsty and newer than in other games. They are constantly coming and bothering you anytime, anywhere. You will never rest your hands, and you will be interrupted a lot by these battles.

To be honest, when I first started playing, I found it a bit annoying as I didn’t have the mind to focus on building. Not to mention that I had to worry about some bad drop in survival stats. But after about half an hour, I started to get used to the rhythm and felt less confused. It’s not clear if this approach is better, but at least this is a point that makes a difference for CrisisX.

Let’s talk about CrisisX’s zombies a bit. Although they had the same disease and infection change, these once-humans turned into different mutants. They are all insanely aggressive, but aggressive in different ways and have different speeds and attacks. You will see a zombie running fast, one rushing like an animal, one that cannot die after one shot… They can go alone or in groups. In each of these situations, you must choose the right way to fight or retreat and choose the right weapons and attack styles. Flexible and resilient. That is the secret of winning this game.

In the process of survival, you are not alone. There are still a few other survivors struggling to survive just like you. But always be on your guard when you face them because they may fight against you because of selfishness, or maybe they are also like-minded people that you can consider side by side to build up forces to restore the land.

Even if you choose to play 1v1 or alliance with other players, the combination of tasks that the game offers will always be incessant. No matter how you play, you will be very busy.

That’s just a brief description of CrisisX’s combat. You will still have to find food and drink by hunting, farming, breeding, taming horses, gathering resources to make tools and weapons yourself, and building a firm shelter. During the process, in both fighting and survival, you still have to pay close attention to the survival stats displayed on the screen. Never let yourself fight a zombie lurking forward when you have an empty stomach or problems with the health bar. The fight will exhaust you even more quickly.

Graphics and sound

Not exactly excellent, but at least the 3D graphics in CrisisX are at a decent level. Every detail, item, movement is properly invested. The flexible character creation is quite lively, the surrounding background is clear but always covered with a dark color that suits the character’s desperate situation. The zombies look quite disgusting, especially the special ones, you can see their horror when they rush to attack you.

The third-person view is fully exploited to help players see the whole space while helping to portray the feeling of loneliness in this creepy world. The fight scenes with zombies are also quite tense. This view brings a lot of excitement when you can observe the entire progress of the battle as well as the expressions and actions of your character.

The sound, to me, is mid-range. There are not too many special effects, but at least CrisisX’s sound effects have played a good role in the battles. There are times when everything is a bit quiet, but in return, each of your activities makes a sound, so the battles are quite noisy. Or maybe I’m used to hand-to-hand combat games, so when switching to this CrisisX survival game, I am a bit disappointed with the sound.

The game still has some drawbacks. Although there are instructions, sometimes you also get lost because you don’t know what to do next, which also affects the game rhythm more or less. The puzzle situations are not too tense, making the feeling of playing a bit sluggish. And the items are also not very diverse.

Download CrisisX APK for Android

However, if you are looking for a survival game that is not too complicated with a post-apocalyptic theme and stable 3D graphics, I will still recommend CrisisX. The game requires quite a powerful device, so you need to consider it. CrisisX is always a game worth experiencing.



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