Delivery From The Pain Offline
Delivery From The Pain Offline

Delivery From The Pain Offline

Zombies! Steam Survival game! Explore! Fight! Shooting! Last day!

Android Android 5.0Android
4.5 ( 616 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Delivery From the Pain Offline
Publisher Digipotato Game
Genre Android
Version v1.0.9912
Update Oct 26, 2022
Delivery From the Pain Offline is the most famous version in the Delivery From the Pain Offline series of publisher Digipotato Game
Mod Version v1.0.9912
Total installs 10,000+

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Introduce about Delivery From the Pain

Delivery From the Pain APK is a survival game sold on Steam on June 12, 2019. After this game becoming a popular game on PC, DigiPotato Studio continues to bring this game to the gamers on mobile when released on Google Play and AppStore for $ 4.99. This is a survival game with the same gameplay as Last Day On Earth. You are a normal guy in a zombie disaster. Search for food, water, build bases and fight zombies to survive. There are many other survivors somewhere, rescue them and come together to a safe place.


In 201x, a research institute found a special drug that could help humans cure cancer. This is the key to immortality. Deal with this research, Faith Energy Company released a vaccine called “Human X Plan”. However, this vaccine failed miserably. It creates a virus that makes humans turn into zombies and quickly spread to all humans. You are a normal person, have no special esper powers or anything like that. Join the survival journey, kill zombies and search for the origin of the virus “Human X Plan”.

The plot is what makes the appeal of Delivery From the Pain, instead of a war with zombies or survival. After each stage, you meet new NPCs and open up many stories about the main character or the mysteries of this epidemic. During the journey, you can meet extremely interesting characters. A mother and cute daughter in the police station, a doctor, a disabled man, a liar, … Everyone has their own stories, their own problems in life. Only when disaster happens, can people share and empathize with others. These factors help the game to be deep and humane.


Starting with Delivery From the Pain, you have the choice Freeman Mason or Samantha Aran. Each character has a different approach to the game, and they have their own stories. So I recommend playing it many times, using each character to experience the entire storyline of the game.

Freeman Mason is a police officer. He used to join the army and had a lot of experience in combat. He is an excellent police officer, has a fairly balanced capacity. That is, he has no weaknesses and outstanding strengths. With a lot of experience in war, he can have many strategies and skills to help you increase the survival rate in the zombie disaster.

Besides, Samantha Aran is a good lawyer but doesn’t have much experience in combat. This disaster is too difficult and new for a beautiful girl like her. Collect essential items like food and drink, search and help other survivors.

Search for items to survive

At the beginning of the journey, you will be guided by an officer named Morgan. He will guide you on how to get items, move without making noise, … Zombie in this game is not too sensitive to noise. They don’t run wildly to death like in Zombieland or World War Z. By cleverly moving, you can avoid facing them. Moreover, they will give up when chasing you for a short time.

Besides, do not forget to pick up items such as drinking water, food, ingredients, weapons, … In the war with zombies, everything is useful. You can collect and leave it in your shelter.

Building your shelter

Besides, Delivery From the Pain provides players with a shelter. It is the place to protect you from zombies until the final stages. Your mission is to build a base with solid defences, enough to resist zombie attacks. You know, zombies don’t get tired, but you do. They will attack until you die, so you need a good base to protect yourself from the undead.

Normal people need three basic elements are eat, drink and sleep to survive. But in the brutal context of the zombie disaster, these elements are too luxurious. Deep sleep like you usually do on Sunday is impossible because just a second off guard, you will be eaten by zombies. There are 24 hours a day, you should go out during the day and back to the base to sleep before 5:30 pm. Try to sleep for 4 to 6 hours a day, which helps strengthen your Mind stat. If the Mind stat too low, the character will move slowly and often make mistakes (a thing you shouldn’t have when you have many dangers).


Delivery From the Pain depicts a zombie epidemic backdrop with dark, gloomy colors. Although not so excellent, the publisher did quite well in terms of image. The scene does not have a lot of special details. Playing through many stages, I have the feeling that I still go into the old room because the rooms don’t have many differences. The sound contributes to increasing the cold, lonely of the zombie epidemic.

Download Delivery From the Pain APK for Android

An article is hard to say all great things of Delivery From the Pain. You can play it for a week or a month, but the game can still make you feel surprised. Many emotional stories spread throughout the life of the protagonist. Thereby, the game sends a lot of messages about emotional and nature of people through each stage. Leave a comment below the post if you have anything you want to share about this game.

Hi, survivors in Delivery From The Pain, we would like to thank you all for supporting small indie game studio like us, we have provided you a better survival adventure experience with new updates:
1. minor optimizations and game problem fixes

If you like our game, please recommend our game to your favourite YouTubers, streamers, and friends around you.
If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected]


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