Demons Never Lie - Horror Narr
Demons Never Lie - Horror Narr

Demons Never Lie - Horror Narr

A free Creepy-Horror 3d graphic adventure.

Android Android 5.0Adventure
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Name Demons Never Lie - horror narr
Publisher Recordmedia es
Genre Adventure
Version v1.9
Update Jul 16, 2020
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Demons Never Lie - horror narr is the most famous version in the Demons Never Lie - horror narr series of publisher Recordmedia es
Mod Version v1.9
Total installs 50,000+

Demons Never Lie MOD APK is a narrative horror adventure game from the publisher You play as John, a man who died after an unhappy life. Angels and demons appear one after another, bringing different promises to you. Who will you choose to be to start a new life?

Introduce about Demons Never Lie

Karma is created by you, not by anyone else.

Have you ever heard of the term “gentle horror”? It’s the kind of work full of horror and spooky, but the progression as well as the situation in it make people full of sadness. In front of it, they feel gentle, not scary at all. In the world of mobile games, there are many horror games, but to find a true horror game like this is not easy.

A gentle horror game that can touch your heart

First of all, I just want to emphasize that you should not think that Demons Never Lie is a comedy game when looking at its funny voxel graphics. On the contrary, this is a dark and fantasy game story indeed.

The tragic and ghostly story in Demons Never Lie began with an old man named John watching his funeral from another life. It was a funeral without funeral attendees. Everything was quiet, lonely, which was enough to imagine how lonely and gloomy John had lived before leaving the world. In that rather tragic scene suddenly appeared a young girl named Alba. After a few chats, Alba announced the good news: Thanks to the good things John had done, the doors of the Light area were open to welcome him. He had one more minute to say goodbye to himself and follow Alba to a new world.

John was really upset and felt unwanted. At that moment, his train of thought was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a figure named Ocaso. He called himself a demon, giving John a new choice: John might not have to go anywhere and had the opportunity to return to being a human, forget everything about today’s events, and even return to his youth to correct all mistakes in the past, with one condition that is…

John quickly accepted when Ocaso’s sentence hadn’t ended yet because he felt he had ignored too much to get what Ocaso had just called “happiness”.

After that, John woke up at the age of 28, when he dropped out of school, lived with a strict mother who always wanted him to do whatever she asked. John had begun to abandon the moral frameworks that he followed in his previous life. After that, he was free to live what he thought was right, just to feel happy and cheerful: drunk driving, snatching his friend’s wife…

In one incident, John discovered the truth about his respected Father. And although he tried to rebel to live differently from the morals that are always in his mind, John ended up tragically ending his life, which is the same with his previous life. That’s chapter 1.

Chapters 2 and 3 are a situation where John comes back to life as another person, Peter, and Mark, both of whom are related in some way to the original John. But in all these three lives, even though they were chosen to live again and could do otherwise, they all acted selfishly and ignored the feelings of others and only tried to justify all their own “happiness”.

After all, when it comes to another life, either you live dignifiedly or deceitfully, either you choose your happiness or living for others, all are equal before the term “Karma”. When karma is too much, more than good things accumulated, you will go to hell with Ocaso instead of being led to heaven by Alba. As I said before: “Demons Never Lie”, the devil never lies, every choice has its price. What matters is where you want your life to go.

How Demons Never Die interacts with players

The game belongs to the traditional narrative genre. And the amount of time spent on the plot is quite large with a continuous dialogue between the characters. You may choose answers for important situations, for example, you can choose to answer yes/no when Alba asks John if he wants to stay on this earthly life anymore. Although you’ll end up getting caught up in the game’s vortex eventually, at least these early choices make you feel like you’re a part of the story.

In the game, you will have some control over the actions of each character, but of course, it will be limited to certain options to ensure the very long storyline of the game will be unaffected too much.

The context in the game is very diverse, where many scenes and camera angles are mainly in the third-person perspective. The transition from scene to scene is also quite quick. Specifically, you are in room A and see the door of room B, if you want to go there, you just need to touch the door of room B without having to wait for the character to walk from room A to B.

There are times when you have to do two or three tasks at the same time, but you will never be overloaded. For example, there is the time when John needs a card to withdraw money first before he can date Lucia at a park near home. All the quizzes, quests, and choices given by the game, in the end, are just to keep you with this fascinating story. Above all, it is still the story of a life to be told.

Graphics and sound

The sound of the game is just repetitive music. Sometimes there is an exciting and fun rhythm like in the street or the urban area where the main character passes. But in return, there is a ghostly, sadder part in another life’s scenes or the character’s self-reflection. Although the game has no voice, only dialogs and text, the sound effects are very well done and detailed. Even with small things like when John is playing video games, the sound of the game is carefully designed. It is this meticulousness that makes the storytelling in Demons Never Die become smooth and pleasant.

Graphics in Demons Never Lie were made in 2D style with colorful square blocks. It may not be what you imagine about a beautiful color scene and shiny life footage. In this game, the image always appears thorny, a little dark, a little ironic. The characters move smoothly and slowly, little by little. But that’s exactly how the story’s progression penetrates you when you may not know.

MOD APK version of Demons Never Lie

MOD feature

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Download Demons Never Lie MOD APK for Android

Demons Never Lie is a cause-and-result interactive game that mixes adventure and puzzle-solving. Above all, for me, it is not just a game, but an inspirational story that makes us reflect on our own life, about the choices that have been/ will be made. For me, this is a touching adventure masterpiece.

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