Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game
Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game

Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game

Old School Dungeon Crawler | Classic RPG | Adventure & Fantasy Role Playing Game

Android Android 5.0Adventure
3.8 ( 939 ratings )
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Name Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game
Publisher Dreaming Wizard Games
Genre Adventure
Version v1.14
Update Jul 28, 2022
Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game is the most famous version in the Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game series of publisher Dreaming Wizard Games
Mod Version v1.14
Total installs 100+

Dungeon Legends 2 APK is a role-playing game from Dreaming Wizard Games. This game lasts 15 hours with 20km of dungeons and a haunting dark atmosphere. Let’s explore this quite attractive game.

Introduce about Dungeon Legends 2

Join the fight against the demons and become the best hero in the dungeons


Dungeons Legends 2 is the sequel to Dungeons Legends RPG. This time, as a heroic warrior, you will have to overcome many obstacles, face dozens of terrible monsters in long and deep dungeons to reach the Dragon’s Blood Crystal. Because this is the only salvation for the hometown you live in, which is besieged by a brutal, violent army.

Will you have the courage to overcome the gloomy road ahead to bring back the Dragon Heart?


Dungeon Legends 2 paints a fictional world covered in blue. There, you will have to pass the 20km long misty dungeons. Everywhere is covered with moss, darkness, scary slime, just entered, only in the game, but you can imagine the menacing damp smell of every dark corner of the dungeon. You will have to make use of all your skills: crawl, crawl, jump, use hammer weapons, swords, knives, make use of all the items obtained on the way such as healing potions to fight the enemy. Horror could burst out at any moment.

Not only need a strong mentality, but you also need to train yourself for a short time when you start going into the dungeon. The skills and combination of operations must be smooth and fast. Because unlike the “human” enemies in action games, what you have to face in Dungeon Legends 2 are dozens of legendary monsters. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, and moves. But the common point is the fear spread from the appearance beyond human imagination.

Dungeon Legends 2 offers a lot of specific mini-quests that help players reach the ultimate goal: explore dungeons, collect necessary items, overcome obstacles on the way, fight and defeat monsters, find keys, and switch to other roads. Through the battles, the character will slowly increase in skills, weapons, and strength. But at the same time, the monsters are also getting smarter, more sophisticated, and scary.

The plot is quite classic, the gameplay of the monster-killing dungeon is not strange, but the way everything big and small connects in Dungeon Legends 2 will make you satisfied. The underground world where you have to go through is full of traps. Monsters that can jump out anytime, anywhere, making the game dramatic, ups and downs, and a lot of hair-raising.

The survival factor is also very emphasized

At the same time, it is always necessary to pay attention to the strength and survival indicators of the character to ensure that the long road ahead is still strong enough. Collecting items, giving the character a reasonable rest time is the fastest way to regain strength before continuing to fight. The most important stats to watch out for throughout the game are strength, dexterity, magic, endurance. Keeping them strong, increasing over time and battles, adding more healing items, will make you stronger when fighting.

You will be able to collect more than 70 different types of items (the number will increase with the next updates of the publisher). They can be weapons, power-ups, healers, or important items that help with quests. The more items you collect, the more advantages you have in battles.

Graphics and sound

Dungeon Legends 2 has tried its best to bring a 3D monster fighting game with good textures, good visuals, but does not consume too much space and requires too much configuration. Not very familiar with the image of tunnels covered with green moss, and there are definitely monster segments that are not very well-formed, but for a mid-range game like Dungeon Legends 2, it is still a very good game.

With a first-person perspective, you can see the monster’s forward movements, admire their hideous faces and also feel all the creepy feelings emanating from the surroundings. Create monsters inspired by folk legends with all kinds of monstrous shapes like spider elf, centaur, snake elf, and many other quite haunting animals. In general, you have to deal with things that are not human and not anything you have ever known.

Unfortunately, the sound in Dungeon Legends 2 is quite monotonous, without too many roars, footsteps, or other diverse forms of sound. If this part can be added, this game can interest more players.

Download Dungeon Legends 2 APK free for Android

If you love the theme of survival against monsters and are a fan of classic RPGs and typical dungeons, then this 3D Dungeon Legends 2 game will not disappoint you.

Fixed camera rotation problems after equipping long swords and skull axes.


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