Eden Renaissance - Free
Eden Renaissance - Free

Eden Renaissance - Free

A Thrilling Turn-Based Puzzle Adventure

Android Android 5.0Adventure
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Name Eden Renaissance - Free
Publisher The Last Kind
Genre Adventure
Version 1.00
Update Dec 8, 2017
Eden Renaissance - Free is the most famous version in the Eden Renaissance - Free series of publisher The Last Kind
Mod Version 1.00
Total installs 5,000+

Inspired by the Go game series released by Square Enix, will Eden Renaissance be able to escape the shadow of already successful games like Hitman Go or Lara Croft Go? To find the answer, let’s find out some information about this game!


What makes Eden Renaissance different from the Go series is the plot. If you’ve ever played the Hitman series, you’ve probably tried to complete all the missions so you can enjoy all the interesting cutscenes that gradually reveal the true nature of Agent 47. Then this game has now integrated cutscenes into the game (total of up to 30 minutes), and in order for you to better understand the purpose of the game, you are required to watch cutscene to go through.

For its content, Eden Renaissance is set in a world that is constantly happening with natural disasters. And you, currently playing as an archaeologist named Ran, accidentally discovered a strange rock. And it was that rock that gave off a bright light, taking you on the journey to find the pieces. And after you finish finding the remaining pieces, the world will be free from disasters. Accompanying you is Eden, a golem with enough power to help you overcome the things that hinder your journey.


Eden Renaissance has the gameplay of the Go series, that is, you must move one step at a time. When you start playing, the game will guide you in detail on how to play but not talk about how to get an easter egg. The game is divided into several large stages and each large stage will have about 3 small stages (each of a small stage has from 1 to 3 cutscene).

This game has more than 100 different difficulty levels, and after each big stage, you will be exposed to one of the seven types of environments corresponding to the other difficulty levels that you will face. And according to my observation, the difficulty of the game increases 1.5 times after each small stage.

But don’t worry guys, the difficulty of Eden Renaissance will be directly proportional to your level of concentration. And so on, after each stage, you will gradually get addicted because your brain must always be highly focused instead of resting.


The graphics of Eden Renaissance are not customizable. So the level of sharpness, as well as the smoothness of the game I think, will depend on your phone. But don’t too worry because of the game size is only 51 MB. And the game will integrate for phones with operating systems from Android 4.1+ so you do not worry that your phone will not be optimized.

As I see it, the image is very sharp. In addition, about the graphics of cutscene, I also like it because the publisher created the cutscene with a hand-drawn so it is also very attractive. As for the main interface, it seems the developer forgot to insert the image, the image loading it is very beautiful but not inserted into the interface. And the rest of the in-game images is not much different from the stages.


What I expected of a game of Go series, it’s chill music. When you’re at work or in focus, there’s nothing that can keep you a cool head other than chill tracks.

So for the sound, I appreciate that Eden Renaissance has invested in many different soundtracks for each environment in the game. Already a Go generation game, or more specifically an Indie game, there must always be an atmosphere that makes you stay alert while you are enjoying chill music.


When playing Eden Renaissance, you control the character by swiping the screen. I agree with the game about moving the character by swiping, but the game does not optimize this move, because during the experience I always have duplicate actions. More specifically, the other moves of the game are quite easy to overlap. Because this is a 3D game, the control to make the movement in the planes almost overlap.

Another thing is the sensitivity. If you perform an action that you accidentally swipe a little bit longer, the game will immediately recognize the operation and assume that you have swipe one more time. So I think you should note this when playing.


After we have just gone through 5 criteria, I will make some comments:

Firstly, about advantages, Eden Renaissance has really brought me a sense of both tension and relaxation. What makes the game most impressive is the difficulty level of the game. Of all the Go games I’ve ever played, this is probably the first game that makes me focus the most. Because as I said above, the difficulty of the game increases 1.5 times after each act, so it’s very attractive. This is really a game that you should not miss.

Secondly, regarding the cons, I think the interface of the game is not interested, the operation in the game needs to reduce the sensitivity. And finally, the game should set up some more services on Google Play Games so we can save game data on cloud.

In the end, does Eden Renaissance really surpass Hitman Go, or Lara Croft Go? In my opinion, the gameplay, sound and graphics criteria of the game can surpass, but the control criteria and services of the game are far behind (I think this is partly due to it is free released on Google Play). What do you think about this game, please comment below!

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