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Name Encodya
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Update Aug 19, 2022
Encodya is the most famous version in the Encodya series of publisher Assemble Entertainment
Mod Version 1.0.0
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Encodya APK from publisher Assemble Entertainment is an adventure of emotion, color on a challenging point-and-click background. This game adaptation of the cartoon Robot will Protect You by Italian director Nicola Piovesa will surely bring you an unforgettable experience.

Introduce about Encodeya

Save the future world manipulated in sin and darkness in Encodya


Encodya begins with a rather dark scene. The city of Neo-Berlin 2062 is very modern, cars can fly, robots are everywhere, people are dressed in strange clothes. But there is crumbling, decaying from the inside, and everyone looks like soulless people lost in their own world.

In that mess, high up in the high shelter of Neo-Berlin city, there was a secret hideout. That’s where Tina, a 9-year-old orphan with a cute little appearance, is living with SAM-53, a clumsy giant robot whose job is to protect her 24/7. Tina is an independent child, she has had to do everything on her own since childhood in this complicated city. Before that, she did enough to survive: picking up trash from the city dump, making a living from scrap. SAM is also a robot that Tina found in the process of making a living, and has been programmed to protect her in any situation.

Life was supposed to be like that. Until one day, Tina discovered that her father had left an important task: to help him finish the job he was unfinished, which was to save the world out of this dark gray mud, find out. Evil forces are manipulating the city. This is also the cause of chaos and turned Neo-Berlin into a place of scum for many years.

Since then Tina and SAM have embarked on an unimaginable adventure through the different realities of the city. The two explored the darkest corners of Neo-Berlin, facing a plethora of monstrous cyborg creatures and peculiar humans. Through all those puzzles, and conversations, it seems that Tina, SAM, and all the robots and humans they meet have found meaning in their existence. From there, a new, more promising city began to replace the current evil and ugly face.

The puzzle journey is quite arduous

Encodya is an art installation. In each game scene when the seemingly simple interface appears, it is also the time when you will enter a place where many secrets are waiting to be discovered.

When Tina and SAM begin their journey, you can choose to transform into Tina or SAM. It takes quite a while to complete this point-and-click puzzle game. But believe me, what you get mentally and experience will be much greater.

In the journey, Tina and SAM not only find the secret deep in the heart of the city but also discover the secrets of themselves, about their origin, appearance, and lost loved ones. It is the art of storytelling, linking every detail with great depth that makes Encodya one of the most worth-playing mobile puzzle games today.

There will be a lot of characters you meet on the adventure, remember to follow the conversations, you will receive information and quests. Following everything, clues will gradually appear. Although it is a puzzle game, the context in Encodya is not simply going around a few places. You can go with your companions to more than 100 different locations in the city. Each place appears a lot of NPCs to lead you to many other, more interesting things.

The puzzles/quests in Encodya are both easy and difficult. They are arranged randomly. They come in many different forms, for example, find lost objects, imitate the voice of a roadside person to get their attention, combine one with another to get what you need… No need for strength or firepower, this is just a puzzle in terms of concentration, observation, and connection of events and things. Through each puzzle, you will collect an item to continue the secret decoding path.

The dialogue between the characters is also a feature of Encodya. You will dialogue between reality and illusion, between the people you see in the game, and the people who never show up watching you in the dark. These talk patterns are quite humorous, sometimes profound, and contain many meaningful messages. Going into the story, the atmosphere is somber and sometimes heart-pounding, covering every scene. You will still need to use all of your senses if you want to go deeper and solve all the existing problems of the character.

Interactive art

Calling this art is not an exaggeration. There are very few puzzle games where you can choose to play as either character. As you go into each puzzle, you also have to constantly take advantage of this interaction to extract as much information as possible. Use SAM to talk to other robots, use Tina to talk to humans. You can also use SAM to lift heavy objects but switch to Tina to wriggle into tight, narrow crevices. The two characters mutually support and protect each other in the discovery of great secrets. This is an attractive interactive element, the interesting thing that Encodya brings to players.

Graphics and sound

The entire Neo-Berlin world built into Encodya will make you “nauseous” from the demise it is slowly approaching. Many people call Encodya a cyberpunk-style game, “a subgenre of science fiction, about a futuristic world revolving around a combination of poverty and high technology”. This is where you will have a lot of strange things in one: modern technology, state-of-the-art machinery, robotics, scientific utopia, artificial intelligence, self-control technology. But at the same time, people perish in the unpredictable change of social classes. This leads to rampant evil and the place is in darkness.

The 2.5D Ghibli-style hand-drawn graphics in Encodya will make you completely convinced with the strange situations that the game offers. In that background that is both subtle and squiggly, decadence is always present and causes a difficult inhibitory feeling for the player. You, like the main character Tina, will always want to escape this stuffy city, by changing colors, awakening people, and breathing new life into every street. Encodya has very well portrayed an undesirable future world of humans, even though all technological means are very modern and advanced.

Encodya is also unique in the art of shaping 2 main characters and more than 34 NPC secondary characters and 100 strange places that Tina will explore. Each segment appears in a beautiful succession, like a cinematic slice, daring to plunge into a futuristic art world that is both haunting and strangely fascinating.

The original soundtrack is also specially designed for Encodya, accompanied by detailed vivid sound in each level, making the exciting and explosive atmosphere in the game clearer than ever. Encodya is a game that anyone who loves cyberpunk style cannot ignore.

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Encodya is an unforgettable game, no matter how many point-and-click puzzle games you have fought through. This game will also be the thing that makes you stop, look at your current life.

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