Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon – Nonstop Fighting & Building, from the producer Super Planet (Korea) is a conflicting survival action game. Under her cute disguise is a story that couldn’t be more serious about a cruel dictatorship. You play as a Hunter and work side-by-side with your teammates to fight super powerful enemies. The game is currently available on Android and iOS mobiles.

Introduce about Evil Hunter Tycoon

The visuals are fun, but the plot is serious

Evil Hunter Tycoon opens with a menacing line, “The Dark Lord is rising. Be careful, Hunters”, and continues with an equally “bloody” quote, “The desperate survival game of the survivors, begins”.

In the game, you will play as one of the Hunters chosen from the beginning. Level 1 is always easy. You will quickly overcome the initial challenges skillfully. The boss of round 1 is also weak, doesn’t fight much.

Then you keep going. As the rest of the next Class hunters, you will find the game is “evil” gradually. Like the Penthouse TV series, the dark forces began to appear, more diverse and lurk more sophisticated. Maybe somewhere in the village that you built, some bad guys are digging an infiltration tunnel. And among the soldiers you just recruited, there is a spy that wants to kill you. The unpredictability gives the player goosebumps but is immediately soothed by the sweet “charming scene” around and the characters’ cute appearance.

The wicked are always lurking everywhere

One minute of neglect, the entire “real estate” you have been diligently cultivating to build will dissolve into a cloud of smoke, and the whole crowd of people following you can suddenly turn their backs into enemies. You are stabbed in the back and pushed out of the way of victory at any moment. So, be alert, alert, and alert in every situation and every task.

What is our mission in the game?

Born as a Hunter, you will have some small joys such as choosing your appearance, gender, costume, original weapon, and the path you will go. But in return, life does not give anything for free. The game system is even less. Not so much, but in return, it forces you to go through a long, arduous road ahead with a series of quests that sounded exciting, but you will also exhausted.

Quest #1: Rebuild the destroyed town (by the super evil dictator and his army, of course).

Quest # 2: Train a group of powerful hunters. Because you alone cannot do anything, you must have a team to fight.

Quest # 3: The D-day has arrived! Summon your army to get ready to fight. At this time, the broken screen sometimes shows a threatening but very tantalizing sentence, ‘Darkness Front Yard’!. It’s right in front of you. Just keep playing slowly. Good luck!

Choose your Hunter

Evil Hunter Tycoon has 8 character classes, divided according to the strength and role of the Hunters. Each class has different skills and fighting styles. Depending on the number of units you have, the complexity of the Hunters is high or low. The more personality (that is, many soldiers), the more laborious management, training, and discipline takes more time. Still, in return, the army is mighty, sometimes killing the enemy in an instant.

The units communicate smoothly

One of the great points of Evil Hunter Tycoon is the interface. Although it is a fighting game for survival, the interface is super cool but very healing – soothing everyone’s mentality. The plot is dark, but the Hunters are like chibi like this. They always make you love.

From the leadership level to soldiers, the characters in the game all have the opportunity to communicate with each other in a slow, clear way. And thanks to the cute interface, these talking screens are very smooth, easy to see, easy to understand, and very cinematic. The quote when talking appears extremely easy to read, short, in general, there is no redundancy in the design.

Thanks to the commands, this concise line, the game’s guidelines are given very seamlessly, so the war is also somewhat easier. Actually, the fight is easy, but the final boss is hard to defeat.

New update in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Currently, level 3 is also the most loved level that will be refreshed favorably on the new version this year. The Class Change function has more options in the future. The eye-catching collection of Academy Uniform Costume has now been enhanced by both quantity and quality.

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon APK for Android

And to conclude, once again, I would like to emphasize Evil Hunter Tycoon’s powerful message is the sentence “Don’t piss off those who are desperate to survive”. Download Evil Hunter Tycoon – Nonstop Fighting & Building now via the links below.

What's new update

Dark Lord has brought destruction to the world, and destroyed everything.
Survivors' desperate survival game begins now!

■ Become a Town Chief!!
Handle everything starting from Town construction to craft, sale, and training Hunters!

■ Gather Top Tank Hunters, and protect the town!
Hunters who visit town have 4 different Classes.
Their Class, Tier and characteristics are random!
You can invite Top Tier Hunters with items too!

"The fate of humanity is in your hands!"
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Download Evil Hunter Tycoon
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App Info
  • App Name Evil Hunter Tycoon
  • Package Name com.superplanet.evilhunter
  • Publisher Super Planet
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5.0
  • Version 1.355
  • MOD Unlimited Money
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