Evo Explores
Evo Explores

Evo Explores

Meditative puzzler based on unreal geometry

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Name Evo Explores
Publisher Stampede Games
Genre Android
Update Jul 16, 2022
Evo Explores is the most famous version in the Evo Explores series of publisher Stampede Games
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Total installs 50,000+

Evo Explores APK will take you to explore space from many perspectives. As an alternative to the saying “Life will be different if you look at it differently”, what’s broken here may be seamless on the other side, and what’s troubling you in one section may be nothing when viewed the other way. Evo Explores’ fantasy adventure will make you realize many things.

Introduce about Evo Explores

Trusting your own eyes is sometimes too much of a challenge!

Have you ever opened your eyes wide, looking at something that is confusing you in a different light? Maybe there is another smoother path that awaits. If you still do not believe in these seemingly theoretical things, please try the game Evo Explores.

In Evo Explores, you only have to trust your eyes to overcome challenges. If you see something flat, it is flat, if you see something broken, they are also true. And you will have to find your way through the difficult place by rotating the 3D space model in front of you.


In Evo Explores, you will play as a strange creature named Evo. No idea where Evo came from, just know that he is eager to go everywhere, explore the whole of space. Every planet Evo passes through is filled with quirks. And like it or not, to understand them all, Evo still has to find a way to go to the end of each planet. Of the places that have passed, the planet Byte is strange and unique. There are no ordinary laws of physics here. Even gravity, the dimensions and the way you hold onto things are completely different. You can do anything you want to do, as long as you trust your eyes.

At first, you came to the planet Byte just out of curiosity. But the deeper you explore, the more interesting things you will realize here. You are like a creator because you can master everything including gravity and dimensions. You also gradually realize, the Byte civilization is threatened, and only a “pagan” like you can help this nation find a chance to survive. Will you have the courage to go to the end and find a way to save the planet Byte?


When it comes to the planet Byte, anything unthinkable is possible. You can stand firmly on vertical walls, can penetrate a long tunnel with just the touch of your hand.

But your ultimate power is the vision of your eyes. The terrain at planet Byte is quite “special”. Tough 3D models keep popping up. Only the way forward, finding the doors connecting with another class, you will gradually find the way out. That exit is the way to solve a big, secret event that threatens to collapse the whole planet.

You’ll need to work with the weirdest 3D surreal structures, confronting and dealing with your own optical illusions. Then look forward to the opportunity to solve the visual puzzles in Evo Explores.

In a more understandable way, to help Evo overcome obstacles and barriers to reach the doors, you will need to touch the screen to rotate the 3D structure block in each level in a different direction. How in the end when looking at, in front of Evo is a seamless road with no breaks, no thorns. As long as you see it with your own eyes, Evo will confidently step over and overcome obstacles.

The difficulty of Evo Explores is not the manipulation system (just touching and rotating 3D cubes without any other complications), but the obsessions from the eyes. From the first time you see an obstacle in the road stopping Evo, that obstacle leaves an imprint on your subconscious and makes you think it is still there no matter what. When you start rotating the block, there will be a point, the obstacle completely disappears, returning the seamless path to Evo. but the lingering subconscious prevents you from seeing this new way out. The “obstacle” now is no longer what was present on the screen before, but it is from your mind.

The most important thing when playing Evo Explores is that you need to overcome your own mind, master the clues, quickly identify all obstacles on the road, calmly solve them, and when looking out with extreme confidence.

Download Evo Explores APK for Android

Evo Explores is not only a puzzle game, it is also a long emotional story related to the destiny of an entire planet. Unusual textures and visual challenges force you to see the truth from your own eyes that the game offers, which seems easy but turns out to be extremely difficult. Let’s download and play this amazing game right away!

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