Hey Love Tim: High School Chat
Hey Love Tim: High School Chat

Hey Love Tim: High School Chat

A high school classmate vanished. Find out why in this interactive chat story.

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Name Hey Love Tim: High School Chat
Publisher nutnut
Genre Android
Size 52.4 MB
Version 2022.1.24.1
Update Jan 24, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Hey Love Tim: High School Chat is the most famous version in the Hey Love Tim: High School Chat series of publisher nutnut
Mod Version 2022.1.24.1
Total installs 1,000,000+

Hey Love Tim MOD APK will be the perfect answer for those looking for love in a story simulation dating game where you can chat, choose and make your own ending.

Introduce about Hey Love Tim

Teenage love is actually more complicated than you think

The situation leads to the in-game setting

Hey Love Tim (formerly “Hey Love Nora’s Mystery”) is an interactive story simulation game that combines the Love and Investigation genres. It all takes place in the fictional setting of an American high school.

This game reminds me of the feeling when I watched the 13 reasons why movie. Because everything is so real and happening the same as in my memories of past high school. When you were in high school, what filled your mind every day? Studying, eating, entertaining, friends, teachers, love, or extracurricular? And at that time, did you keep a secret for yourself?

Everyone has their own answer. For some, it can be a story about some friends playing badly on you a few times. For others, it can be strict parents or an obsession with exams… But for some people, things are much more terrible and serious. It can be that one of your best friends suddenly disappeared.

The plot

Hey Love Tim is a story that happened in high school. In the group chats of the students, rumors suddenly spread about Nora, an attractive girl in the school, suddenly disappearing. And that was just an excuse for all the troubles to begin. In the game, you will play a classmate of Nora.

Tracing the messages in the group chat, you discover that your boyfriend you are secretly in love with is related to Nora and her strange disappearance. Then how will you deal with that guy? Choose to trust, let everything fall into oblivion, and go on with your life carefreely, or become wary, hesitant, and seek to discover the secret behind?

And in the middle of that fork in the road, you’re not alone. Because next to you are two close friends: Lila and Joshua who always listen and give you suggestions that are more sober and rational than the insiders. The series of messages, the cold plot twists, the unbelievable flips of the story, and the ending… all depend entirely on a series of your choices. It is you who will decide and find down, after this story, who is innocent, who is guilty, and where the love will go.

When you choose, you are drawing a path to another future

Hey Love Tim, it integrates up to 3 love stories. All are ingeniously shown through the progress in messages, group chats, or private messages between two people. Thereby all relationships are gradually revealed. You might think that like in other narrative games, each choice in the dialogue will be what changes the plot.

But at Hey Love Tim, it’s not that simple. You are responsible for all your words and actions: When you choose to say something, it will influence what happens next. When you give advice to anyone, you change their story. When you decide how to behave in a given situation, you change your whole life, the lives of others, and it also determines how others see you.

For example, your best friend Joshua is a fashionista, what would you advise your best friend about his overdone outfits for school? And will those comments create an invisible wall between you and Joshua? Or who is Lila’s mysterious lover? What is Lila related to Nora’s disappearance? How will the way you ask each sensitive question regarding your best friend affect her psyche as well as how she will treat you later?

Choose the message as a way to express the story, you will enter the character’s life

The good and subtle point of Hey Love Tim is the message interface. Almost 90% of the progress in the story takes place in the background of phone messages. You may be confused as these messages are shown as texting on your phone, it will sound like a sort of layering of the virtual world in the virtual world. Thanks to this confusing, half-fake-half-realistic effect pulls you into the story in the game. Every time a new message appears, you will feel like you are the main character here. Feelings of suspense, anxiety, excitement, happiness, humiliation, surprise, fear… all are very real, and going to the heart.

I, sometimes, didn’t even remember I was playing the game as I thought everything was really happening to me. At this point, I only wish that the game could let players customize the names of all the characters. They can replace the characters with more familiar names associated with their own high school romance, which will make you get goosebumps.

In short, what will we experience in Hey Love Tim? You will have a big story that covers it all, a big secret that you need to find out, nested in it are 3 small love stories, up to 8 different endings depending on each step and choice with more than 1000 different situations that require the use of reason and heart to judge.


The whole game is almost a story. All images of the characters are shown in 3D still images, and a series of screens display messages between the characters. Interspersed are a few narration sentences on a romantic purple background. That’s all, there are no fussiness or effects happening in this game.

All just to bring you into the world of fascinating and poetic stories with all the emotions that are very real and sincere.

MOD APK version of Hey Love Tim

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads


Money doesn’t decrease when you spend.

Download Hey Love Tim MOD APK for Android

Hey Love Tim is an extremely good interactive simulation game and has a rather strange format. The way to lead the players through a series of messages, situations, and character dialogue will take you into the complex emotional world and many hidden corners of high school romances.

Believe me, you will also be mesmerized like I am. And you will not play only once, but again and again to know where you can go if you choose differently. It is such a good game with a strange special. The configuration is very light.

Bug fixes and improvements! Made with love <3


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Hey Love Tim 2022.1.24.1 (Unlimited Money)

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