Hollywood Celeb Story Life Sim
Hollywood Celeb Story Life Sim

Hollywood Celeb Story Life Sim

Build your superstar career & become a celebrity in our life simulator game.

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Name Hollywood Celeb Story Life Sim
Publisher DS GAMES INC
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Version 1.9.3
Update Nov 10, 2021
MOD Unlimited Money
Hollywood Celeb Story Life Sim is the most famous version in the Hollywood Celeb Story Life Sim series of publisher DS GAMES INC
Mod Version 1.9.3
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Everyone deserves to live a life worth living. If you really know what you want and actively pursue your dreams, it would be great. The road to your goal is not smooth, but it is worth going, experiencing. Let’s see how the main character in the game Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator MOD APK does to pursue his dream.

Introduce about Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator

Pursuing dreams, something everyone wants but few can do

Rare simulation game you can play again and again

I just played a game that can be called a career simulation or life simulation. It is called Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator. This is the second time I’ve played it, and I still love it. It’s not too long, not too terse, it mixes a little bit of two types (both survival and interacting through a series of messages back and forth with people who appear in life). Rarely has a simulation game brought so much emotion as this one. So, I want to write down a few lines about my feelings about this game. It is just to say why I prefer it over other simulation games on mobile.

The game opens with a dream

Who doesn’t dream of growing up to be successful? Many of them want to become both rich and famous, a little further desire is to become a well-known character in Hollywood. They want to be the owner of a platinum album and receive an Academy Award or simply be a famous blogger behind a fashion and cosmetics brand of her own. Anything is fine, but they must be rich and famous.

The character you are about to play is also among them. But not daydreaming and sitting at home holding the TV, you are determined to turn everything into action. Having just graduated from high school, you immediately moved to Los Angeles to follow your dreams. The Hollywood horizon looks far away. The road to it is fraught with difficulties and challenges. You will start looking for a place to stay and find a job to cover expenses. It is good that you don’t mind anything. You accept living in squalid neighborhoods and work manual labor in the nearby park. You work and improve your professional knowledge and skills and receive all the opportunities coming to you, no matter how small. God has eyes. Luck always comes to those who have a will. So surely, one day not far away, you will be able to make your dreams come true.

Hollywood Story Celebrity Life Simulator screenshot


When “that day” comes, you don’t hesitate to do what you can to prove your ability and bravery. When you enter the world of Hollywood, you still make money passionately, constantly establishing business relationships, and maintaining good relationships with friends. Finally, you get a home in Hollywood Hills, a luxurious life, a warm and happy family, and world recognition.

Gameplay is like a mix of hot pot… but a delicious one

The ability to juggle with a series of message interactions between the characters and the people involved is the key to the success of Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator. Players will follow the protagonist’s message flow, consider, and make decisions that each bring different results. The comfortable yet powerful interactivity in the game helps you gradually forget you are playing the game but really get into the character.

The way to lead the lines and small situations in the message series is also quite skillful. It’s best to keep a close eye on it because somewhere in the dialogue seems ordinary but turns out to be weighty. Opportunities are always hidden somewhere. The interesting thing about this game is that you will find a series of useful things for your life and career path, right from the most ordinary relationships. This is quite true with outer life: do not overlook any details in life as they can in an extraordinary way transform your future completely.

The “hot pot” of the game also has a form of index tracking commonly found in survival simulation games. Mood index, the health index, and the character’s lucky opportunities… always appear on the top and right corners of the screen. Regularly observing these numbers will help you have timely actions to help the main character regain his mood, boost his health, or try his luck on the way to his dream.

You also have a bunch of to-do lists at the bottom of the screen: accommodation, clothes, transportation, savings, job promotions, relationships, etc. At each stage, with the money earned from many different sources, you will actively invest in yourself to make your work more convenient, to have a more luxurious image, or simply to have more opportunities to develop. The decision is entirely up to you, like how you live your life in real society.

Many “seasonings”, a little bit of each, make our hot pot very sweet and delicate. I appreciate the ingenuity of this game-making team.

An extraordinary and inspirational story

If you start with a rich background, an enchanting figure, or at the top of your career, there is probably nothing to say. But here, the game is the whole story of an ordinary person, striving above the ordinary to achieve extraordinary things. You will observe how the character goes through the ups and downs in life, whether sad or happy, but then regains his spirit very quickly, sometimes with just a delicious meal. You will realize that very small things in life can require great effort. And if you do that, you have written your own story and become an inspiration for many people around.


The game is made on 2D background. Throughout the game, it’s not just about the main character constantly encounters this and that or is blown away in his own ambition. Once getting an opportunity and making a change, there will always be a pause for you to regain your spirit and strengthen your health. The pace of the game is not fast enough for you to be undigested. In my opinion, everything is just moderate, at the right time and quite leisurely. You will play and reflect on your life.

MOD APK version of Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator MOD APK for Android

I really like this simulation game Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator. At this time of covid when everything seems slower, this is a real hit. It positively affects me. It helps me look back on my life and teaches me how to keep and appreciate the good relationships in life. You can also try playing it once.

- Bug fixes
- Minor localization corrections
- Balance fixes


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