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 Hyper Front

Hyper Front

Pull the Trigger, More than Better! The 5V5 FPS mobile game, made for tactical shooter fans, is now officially launched!- Hyper Front is a 5v5 competitive first-person shooter game set in a near-futur

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Hyper Front is the most famous version in the Hyper Front series of publisher
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“Pull the Trigger, More than Better! The 5V5 FPS mobile game, made for tactical shooter fans, is now officially launched!
– Hyper Front is a 5v5 competitive first-person shooter game set in a near-future sci-fi world.
– Intense PVP competition! Hyper Front features an exciting shooting experience and unique hero abilities to create more tactical opportunities.
– Exciting and precise gunfights!
– A masterpiece on mobile! Enter a visually stunning sci-fi universe.”

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With this imaging technology, the characters are also well-formed. You can feel the fiery aura emanating from each hero, regardless of whether they are male or female, young or old. Each person has a look, a temperament, and a unique style. The armor, guns, and skills are depicted extremely well. The effects of lighting, motion, shadows, strokes, contours, color mixing and dynamic sound not only depict everything in detail but also take you to intense battles that you never forget.

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Well, it is one of the most exciting modern sci-fi shooter games with diverse maps, attractive characters, and unlimited skills and guns. This is a shooter that when looking at it, you feel sympathetic and want to play right away. Yes, it’s neat and sophisticated in a very comfortable and friendly way.

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“1. Tactical, hardcore gunplay!
deploy, retrieve starcore, aim, and fire! The battlefield is treacherous and changeable with firefights breaking out one after the other. Just who will rise to victory? The FPS Search and Destroy Mode comes to mobile devices, letting all shooter fans experience exhilarating battles anytime, anywhere! With hardcore gunfights, precise shooting, and opportunities to form strategies with your teammates, don’t forget to save and spend your gold coin wisely—an economic advantage may very well be the key to victory!

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2. Turn the tides with hero abilities!
In Hyper Front, you’ll always have your chance to shine! There are plenty of heroes with different positions and abilities, letting you use clones, shrouding, obstacles, scouting abilities to create a variety of tactical opportunities and help your team win! The addition of hero abilities help bring more possibilities into the gunplay-only mould of traditional shooters and lets you enjoy an ever-changing tactical shooter experience!

Hyper Front
Hyper Front

Introducing about Hyper Front

Thrilling FPS with powerful weapons, moves, and attacks

Many people still call Hyper Front the mobile version of Valorant. Perhaps because they have many similarities in graphics and the same gameplay of high-quality shooting skills. But in fact, Hyper Front has many unique features of its own.

Each character, a forte

Like Valorant, Hyper Front has many characters, each of whom is not only skilled in the shooting but also has his own set of fighting skills. Like Thunder Ray, who has the ability to gather thunder to kill enemies. Blink Claretta has the ability to use machine guns with quick movement and speed. Elixir Lingye can detect hidden enemies and shoot skillfully. Blast Biaz uses a heavy machine gun like no other… The individual skill sets include scanning the combat area, detecting enemies, teleporting, covering teammates, and empowering teammates. Of course, these sets have advantages and disadvantages.

3. Gear up with 20+ realistic guns!
Hyper Front has 6 categories with 20+ different types of guns. Each gun has undergone precise adjustments to ensure that they feel as close to the real thing as possible, and that each shot is as exciting as a real battle. Learn about a gun’s stats to make the most of it!

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4. Six modes to satisfy every player!
Aside from Search and Destroy Mode, Hyper Front also has the Team Mode, Deathmatch, VS BOT, Quick SnD, and Arms Race modes for Astrals to choose from. New Astrals can polish their skills in VS BOT. Solo Astrals can enjoy the adrenaline rush of Deathmatch and Arms Race. Like co-op? Then join Team Mode and Quick SnD to dominate the competition with your teammates!

5. Three heroes shake things up on Pioneer Planet!
NEMESIS takes to the battlefield! With his unique clone, teleport, and shrouding skills, can he see the truth in the darkness of the void?
VEIL hails from the golden desert. Her split battlefield, slow, and shrouding skills make her an irreplaceable tactician on the battlefield.
CURE LIGHT, a bionic nanomedic, possesses healing, slow, and revive capabilities. Due to the flood of wrinkles in space, she has committed herself to the battlefield for the protection of Pioneer Planet!
The battlefield is changing rapidly. Only the best Astral can conquer these three totally different new heroes. Could that Astral be you?

6. Fight on five immersive PvP maps!
Fight in a Japanese-style courtyard, an arctic icefield, a South American-style city, an old coastal town, and the all-new desert tower. Hyper Front recreates the unique architecture of a variety of cultures to offer a different type of immersion! Each map has undergone careful design and editing to include details and mechanics that support different tactics and team comps. Astrals will find it well worth their while to spend time exploring and mastering them!


Hyper Front
Hyper Front

These disadvantages are partly offset by heavy weapons from classic to modern and sometimes somewhat surreal. The ability of teammates is also good support. So the core of 5v5 battles in Hyper Front is in the tactics, the art of arranging the squad and choosing the right opponent.

When you combine each character’s natural abilities with the weapons and the armor they have, you create a slightly different character with different attack and defense stats. Mastering the interactions between available weapons and moves will give you a better idea of ​​each hero’s maximum abilities.

Prank with guns

Although the characters in Hyper Front have their own set of skills, they all possess the talent to control powerful weapons. Hyper Front offers a lot of different weapons such as UZI, UMP, Barrett, AK, SCAR, SVD, P90, or Ultimax, and even classic types that have been modified with bold fiction such as the explosive bow machine of Faith Arrow Summie.

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Each type of gun has its own attributes. And when they are used by each character, there are different ways to use and take advantage of strengths.

Random combinations, depending on the strategy and fighting style of each player, will create a unique style on the battlefield. In addition, Hyper Front has many game modes for you to choose from: Searching, Destroy, 5v5, Death Fight.



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