Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival

The Zombies are coming, the last shelter is almost in ruins,rebuild and survive!

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Name Last Shelter: Survival
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Update Oct 23, 2022
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Last Shelter: Survival is the most famous version in the Last Shelter: Survival series of publisher Long Tech Network Limited
Mod Version 2.39.2
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Last Shelter: Survival APK is a real-time construction, management game co-developed by IM30 Technology and Long Tech Network. The game is inspired by the post-apocalyptic Zombie pandemic world. And you play as one of the leaders of this secluded residence for the survivors. The fight day by day, hour by hour continuously happened, tense and painful.

Introduce about Last Shelter: Survival

The new world is not peaceful

The world is in ruins, but there is still a safe place

The opening of Last Shelter: Survival is a re-enactment of a few short films about what the world and humanity have gone through. Humans fell into a pandemic, everywhere collapsed because of a terrible virus with a rapid spreading speed. Those infected with this virus will become extremely ferocious, lose their minds and when they die, they will turn into zombie walking around at high speed. They bite any warm-blooded creature on this planet, of course including humans.

Last Shelter: Survival, the game itself says everything. Humans have somehow found antibodies and injected them into the survivors. All set out to find shelter, away from the rest of the world, which has been devastated and has no way back because full of zombies. That is “The Last Shelter”. Your mission is together with other talented leaders to turn this wilderness into a place to live, survive and thrive for people after a pandemic.

Always be on guard against enemies both internally and externally

In the game, you play as one of the leaders of the city. In this desert of life there are many different cities and leaders building thousands of structures. Each city in a shelter is divided into states, managed by many different leaders.

States can also connect with each other through the Clash of Zones (COZ) system. And if you play online with many other people, the system will automatically group accordingly. But the states can completely connect and communicate with each other without any problems. This is also a substantial difference of Last Shelter compared to other games of the same genre.

In short, you must always be wary of your enemies both inside and out. Outside are thousands of zombies, day and night trying to enter a shelter and bite people. Inside, internal fighting between cities and states takes place every day. But don’t because those battles make you forget your main mission. From the very beginning, the game emphasizes that your task is to build the city and find ways to maintain it, growing it stronger and more resilient in the fastest possible time.

So, 80% of your job is building

The first is Resources. The resources present in Last Shelter are quite diverse and complete, including Food, Water, Fuel, Electricity, Wood, Iron. You need to find the resources at the right place, exploit them, and produce clever combinations to save money and people.

Your main actions in Last Shelter: Survival are just: think, select, drag, drop, read the instructions. For example, when building a city, one of the first jobs is to build roads. You will need Water / Fuel / Iron / Lumber. Along the way, Commander reports to you the number of resources used, making it easy to plan your next strategy. When you run out of resources, you have to choose trucks and tools to get to the extraction point.

Your interaction with in-game systems is primarily through resource selection, machine tools, and usage balancing. Talking about people and machine tools. Without these two things, no matter how much resources you have in your hand or have a lot of money, it’s useless. You will have to use your capital to hire workers and buy the necessary machinery tools for the construction process. Think and choose carefully to save your money and resources.

In the end, of course, you need money, lots of money. You will be “supported” by the system for a sizable amount of money before you get started. Then take that as capital, wherever you build, think about how to do business, exchange, buy or sell something with other leaders in the same state to make a profit for you. This money will be used to hire people, buy things for difficult situations in the future.

The remaining 20% of work is fighting

To protect your city, develop a city strong enough to survive in the apocalyptic world, you need a solid military. With the content I mentioned above, it is clear that the military will be used for two things: zombie war and civil war between states/cities. Currently in the game there are three main armies named Fight, Shoot and Vehicle.

You do the things yourself including commanding, assembling, recruiting, and training all three groups of soldiers. After each battle you will collect a series of loot, new soldiers, and a few resources. Strictly speaking, fighting is also a pretty quick way to collect items. So there are many city factions that will choose to go aggressively to take the resources of others. You need to watch out for the parties like this.

When the armies you train are really mature, you should hire some good commanders to help you manage the army, and you continue to build the city. Excellent generals will become Heroes.

And there will also be a lot of intense battles between these Heroes. Often these battles do a lot of damage to the trade and the construction process. So, you should pay attention to avoid it in the first place.

Download Last Shelter: Survival APK for Android

Players can choose between free or paid game modes. But of course, recharge, there will be countless incentives ranging from resources to humans, machines, and the military. It will make the process of building the city easier and quicker. Everything has its price.

Well, in short, the game is worth playing every minute. Download now Last Shelter: Survival APK, everyone!

1. The highest level challengeable will be displayed when you search for a monster on the map. The required Power will be highlighted on the monster info page.
2. An Alliance log icon has been added to the Alliance panel. Tap it to see the info previously categorized into Alliance Information.
3. Optimized the effects of "Besiege" & "Synergized Defense" skills (of season Specialty) on Territories.



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