Marble Age: Remastered
Marble Age: Remastered

Marble Age: Remastered

Turn based strategy game about Ancient Greece.

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Name Marble Age: Remastered
Publisher clarusvictoria
Genre Android
Version 1.02
Update Jan 14, 2021
Marble Age: Remastered is the most famous version in the Marble Age: Remastered series of publisher clarusvictoria
Mod Version 1.02
Total installs 1,000+

Marble Age: Remastered APK is a turn-based strategy game, developed based on the theme of the ancient Greek period. When participating in the game, players have the task of leading, managing troops and resources for a small village, at the time when the new Aegean civilization began to take shape.

Introduce about Marble Age: Remastered

Create your empire

In the game’s tutorial series you are given three cities, Athens, Corinth and Sparta. You will choose one of them to start the journey to conquer Marble Age: Remastered.

Each of these cities has its own culture, strengths and weaknesses. Athens has very good diplomacy. Meanwhile, Corinth’s trade was booming and Sparta was known as a mighty military center. Mastering the information about each ethnic group is the key to winning in Marble Age: Remastered. It greatly affects the economic, political and military development. You need them if you want to be the leader of ancient Greece.

A realistic strategy game that you should not miss

In general, the player’s task when participating in Marble Age: Remastered is to turn a village into a large city. Then conquer other continents and control entire worlds in the game.

And although Marble Age: Remastered is an offline game, AI-controlled lands or cities, they have the same goals as you. Therefore, it can be said that the game is easy to approach and play fluently after a short time, but to win is a pretty difficult thing. Anything can happen when you are trying to grow your city. Sudden attacks from enemies or even natural disasters can destroy your city.

Marble Age: Remastered is set in Greece starting from 3000 BC until 305 AD. At this point, people were able to build projects, apply technology for development. Players will apply them to the city stronger while recruiting more units of soldiers and peasants.

The player will also have to deal with diplomatic issues with other cities in the Greek territory. Of course, making friends or going to war with them is part of your kingdom’s development plan. Note that other cities also have their own decisions. So, when the player is attacked by unfriendly guys it is possible at any time. For the above reasons, even if you choose Athens to grow, you still need a strong military system to not be invaded.

Grow your empire in the flow of history

Marble Age: Remastered takes place for quite a long time. Therefore, throughout the game, historical events will occur continuously. Events are gradually unlocked as your city grows. The game always has surprises, and so no one can predict that they will bring advantages or disadvantages to your budding empire.

I am quite excited about these events. Once, I was allied and attacked by other cities. I accepted their declaration of war, and that caused my economy to decline for a long time, or worse, I had to end the game early. War, when your city is not ready, can cause severe damage. Similar results can happen if our military is weak, economically or other allies are not ready.

Grow your civilization

Civilization involves many factors, and culture is the most important measure. Thanks to it, you can research and develop new technologies. Unlock, upgrade buildings and increase the population of the whole city. As the human workforce increases, the city’s CP increases, helping you unlock new elements.

Along with the culture, you will have to perform the core missions of the game. As you perform a few quests, time will pass quickly and give you more rewards.

There is quite a bit of work that needs to be done to make your civilization grow faster. If you have a resource advantage, you should allocate them to each citizen in your city. They all have unique abilities and expertise to take advantage of.

Download Marble Age: Remastered APK free for Android

Marble Age: Remastered is a great strategy game you can find on Google Play. It possesses impressive 3D graphics along with easy-to-access gameplay, suitable for players who love ancient Greek history and wars. The game includes historical events, which take place over hundreds of years. Although they are not really detailed and realistic, historical events also affect your city in the game. So, do not miss anything in Marble Age: Remastered.

- Colonies are no longer needed to achieve victory and will not count towards Cities goal.
- Fixed the bug with sudden resource drop after some war declarations.
- Traders spawn rate increased for Athens (now every 10 turns, was 15) and Sparta (now every 15 turns, was 25)


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