Action RPG with rogue-lite elements following the everyday routines of Will

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Moonlighter is the most famous version in the Moonlighter series of publisher 11 bit studios
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MoonLighter APK is a well-known name in the dungeon exploration action RPGs. When you understand the sense of comedy in this game, you may know why it climbed to a fairly high rank among all the unique games on mobile.

Introduce about MoonLighter

From Zero to Hero, you need to work hard

The classic hero scenario

MoonLighter tells the story of a young boy named Will. He is a street vendor who is adventurous and dreams of becoming a hero. The job and dream look unrelated. But the main connection point is that Will will hunt the beasts near his village, then collect the spoils to bring back to sell at his store. So, during the day, Will is busy doing wholesale in the grocery store selling all his miscellaneous things. In the evening, he disguises himself as a hero, ready to go on a heroic journey. His adventure is in a series of dangerous dungeons, and his enemy is a variety of ferocious monsters who are rising and seeking to destroy the village.

Yayyyy! The hero is too creative, young, talented, and full of business blood. Surely you have never imagined a scenario like this in a hero game, right? But now it’s really here, and it’s so cool.


MoonLighter has random dungeon generation systems. Every time you enter it, a completely new scene (including details, designs of the dungeon, monsters appearing, and even monster locations as well) is different. So even if you play over and over again, you will always have new experiences.

The gameplay of MoonLighter on mobile is a bit different than on PC and other platforms. Specifically, the adjustment interface has been shortened for the convenience of users because of limited screens. And almost all the battles will be automated.

Because of Will’s complicated background, the game offers you two essential skills at the same time: one is dungeon fighting role-playing, the other is the creative business mind of the young merchant Will. That is, good fighting is not enough. You also need to consider the source of goods while balancing costs and revenue so that the grocery store always develops.

The charm of the character representing the “Zero to Hero”

The deadly attraction of MoonLighter is not in the hack-and-slash gameplay or the stormy attacks, or the deep and complex character lines like many other RPG games. It lies in how the game leads the player to really live the life of the main character, to feel the dark world and all the threats going on in the game.

First, it is necessary to mention the merits of the main character’s image. He is just a normal seller, and it seems that his life just revolves around the grocery store in front of the house. But everything turned out to be unexpected. Will always cherished in his head and heart the dream of becoming a hero to protect the village. Then that dream came true when Will discovered the dark anomalies present around him. This Zero to Hero concept is not strange, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a specific game, a specific situation, and character.

The adventure passion and the dream of becoming a hero have been the bridge to bring players to all the big and small battles in the game. The dramatic incarnation process, from a seller Will by day to a hero Will at night, has touched the player’s heart. Well, boys! We almost always dreamed of becoming a superman or becoming a mighty warrior like someone else in our childhood, right? The world in MoonLighter can help you. It is, therefore, closer and more empathetic to the player.

The fight in dungeons is never easy. He goes through layers of deep tunnels and menacing ancient tombs and faces all kinds of monsters (which are so different in shapes, sizes, and bizarre moves). After fighting the monsters, Will also rewards himself by collecting valuable items (in the ruins of the temples), or the loot (on the monsters’ bodies) to sell at a profit in the store.

The charm of the rare classic Dungeon crawler

The second unique impression of MoonLighter is the rare classic Dungeon crawler gameplay. This is a mobile experience of fighting monsters and hunting items similar to some common role-playing games, but the gameplay has been reduced to a separate genre. And here the time saved from the minimalism in the dungeon battles has become the time for the main character to run his business.

These two systems are constantly interwoven, one thing motivates another and vice versa. If you want to have more unique items for your grocery store, you must fight hard in the dungeon. The more you fight, the more money you have for the grocery store. The more money you get, the better the chance to upgrade more things for the evening battles. That is a closed loop that encapsulates players in endless excitement.

The charm of a difficult game

The third highlight of this game must mention the rigor in the dungeon. When fighting, you must focus on precise movements and timely attacks from a top-down view. When facing monsters, it is necessary to find their weak points and attack them quickly. Well, if you spend too much time with the enemy, you will be punished by the game. You will lose all the loot you just earned. So, the game pace always seems rushed and bustling, making it impossible for the players to be idle but rush to follow.

Download MoonLighter APK free for Android

This classic game has great classic graphics. You need to fight and focus on maintaining a profitable business only. The gameplay combines many attractive elements, and the story is so meaningful to get the sympathy of the players. Well, it’s worth playing, bros.

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