Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game
Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game

Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game

A story game with an amazing ending | Discover all endings

Android Android 5.0Adventure
4.2 ( 785 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game
Publisher Buff Studio (Story Games Calm Games)
Genre Adventure
Version 1.0.7
Update Apr 19, 2022
Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game is the most famous version in the Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game series of publisher Buff Studio (Story Games Calm Games)
Mod Version 1.0.7
Total installs 5,000+

Why must heroes have six muscular muscles, a stocky body, an attractive face, an immense charisma, and a dream-fighting ability? Why must they be so different and so far away from us? For me, a true hero is a common man like in Not Exactly A Hero APK.

Introduce about Not Exactly A Hero

When a hero is just a normal people

Hero of the mass version

Not Exactly A Hero is a story-driven and interactive adventure game. Almost in Not Exactly A Hero, there are no animated characters, no intense combat, or situations with many beautiful effects. It is just… one screen displaying a series of messages between a group of characters. Wow, an adventure game shows just messages? Can’t believe the publisher dares to do this! I was so in awe of their courage and weird walk. At first, it shocked me so much.

Not Exactly A Hero brings us a hero character that is both cute and simple beyond imagination. The main character is Riley, a reserve agent whose role is to support the daily activities of the above superhero. You are not wrong. The main role is not the superhero, but Riley, a normal man like us.

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The life of an ordinary person, with a series of relationships, is actually not normal at all

As Riley, you will meet all kinds of people in different life situations.

The first is your boss, Chef, who is always grumbling and complaining about how little the superhero team’s operating budget is. You can see this grumbling over and over in Chef’s messages.

The second is a rookie of the team, named Chris, who has limited ability but unlimited tricks. He always wants to bring you down to the bottom. For what? Who knows?

Next is the driver Oobur, who is always saying confusing words. What he says is always mysterious, leaving the other not understanding what happened.

There is also a truck driver selling kebabs with a strange personality. He has a huge ego and always wants to win in all situations.

And there are many others. Depending on how you lead the conversation, one or more of them can become your friend, even a great supporter always providing valuable advice and information.

Play the game, follow the story, build relationships and create your own ending

The game is a long journey in which you follow a good story, which seems so cheesy at first but turns out to be very deep, touching people’s hearts. Along the way, you’ll gradually establish relationships with anyone you trust and are comfortable with. You talk to them and constantly make decisions.

It’s so compelling that, even when you think the plot is about to unravel and an ending is about to happen, suddenly, you have to make a pivotal decision at the last minute. That will be a life-or-death decision, not a joke.

It is different from other interactive games. Some let you make so few decisions so that you cannot get to interfere with the important parts. Others are ‘disguisedly interactive’, meaning that no matter what you choose, the fate of the characters will not change anything, causing you brutal inhibition (like in the Silent Hill case if you remember). Not Exactly A Hero is truly an interactive game. Every decision is saved throughout the game, and they will determine the outcome. So, keep in mind that every touch on the screen will affect the end of the story.

Therefore, you can play this game over and over. Next time, you just change the decision a little bit, and everything will change. I have not known all the endings yet. However, according to rumors, the game has 3 starts, 4 extra character routes, and 9 different ends.

Heroes don’t have to be outstanding, sometimes they just need warm hearts

The story in Not Exactly A Hero reminds me of little stories I read about street knights who are always willing to help others without receiving anything in return. Living in life, you need a heart, not only to be carried by the wind but also to spread everywhere positive energy and the power of kindness.

Not Exactly A Hero will bring you to a strange adventure between Riley and his friends in a world full of hidden dark forces. To defeat all those forces, this real world does not have Superman or Ironman, but normal heroes who are mortals like us. They are non-super-powered heroes. Their strength lies not in their actions or weapons but in their hearts and courage.

That is the different message that Not Exactly A Hero brings.

The art of narration is so excellent

As I shared from the beginning, the game art is in the dialogue created between characters. The game quintessence is definitely not in the complicated images, graphics, or effects. It lies in the talent to lead the story, the way to switch psychology through continuous conversations. The power of words not only reveals the mood of the person who wrote it, but also tells you a lot of information hidden in the whole story.

After playing the game, I had to think more carefully before sending messages to my friends because each word has its own weight. Selecting information and saying what needs to say most positively will bring positive energy to you and the readers themselves. Yes, that’s right.

And you, after playing the game, what do you think?

What’s different in Paid version?

You can play all content of the game without tickets.

Download Not Exactly A Hero APK for Android

How did an ordinary boy with absolutely no superpowers save a world filled with destructive dark powers? Just that alone will make you contemplative. It is true that as long as you have a brave soul and an empathetic heart, you will yourself become a hero in your own life. And when you live well, everything around you gradually gets better.

- Improved game stability
- Minor bug fixes


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