Path Of Evil: Immortal Hunter
Path Of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Path Of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Action RPG, hack and slash your enemies with the Immortal dungeon hunter!

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Name Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter
Publisher TINYSOFT - slots slot machines & casino games
Genre Android
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Version 1.2.3
Update Jun 28, 2022
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Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter is the most famous version in the Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter series of publisher TINYSOFT - slots slot machines & casino games
Mod Version 1.2.3
Total installs 100,000+

You like to play classic RPGs, but why is it so hard to find an interesting one on mobile now? Now let me give you a suggestion, Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter, the story of the immortal Dungeon Hunter who spreads terror to all monsters hiding in the dark dungeons.

Introduce about Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter is a classic-style hack & slash action RPG. As a powerful Warrior, you will go through the dark dungeons, fight all kinds of monsters to save the kingdom from being held captive by the forces of darkness.

Super classic gameplay

The appeal of Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter comes from its over-classic way of acting and combat to the point that anyone can play, even when you have no experience in the combat genre. This barrier-free feature has helped the game spread widely and make a good impression on gamers, especially those who have a special love for the traditional RPG genre or are not familiar with too complicated current mobile games.

There are many groups of weapons and equipment that you need to choose before entering the battle. The arsenal ranges from simple items like Wooden Wand, Fire Steel Sword, Steel Axe, to more complex ones like Poison steel, Flaming, Blizzard… Equipment store includes Helmet, Arcanna Shoulder, Fiery Chest, Fiery Gloves, and Boots…

The character’s strength index includes Health (represented by the red circle above the left side) and Mana (represented by the green circle above the right side). Either of them runs out, you may die, and all points gained in that level may be lost. You can be resurrected right at the death position with a full amount of health and Mana, but the points gained from the scene are lost.

All you need to do in this dungeon-to-dungeon is to hit and slash and use any weapon and skill at hand to fight these monsters that constantly appear and increase. Wherever you hit and slash, gold will be gained there. Gold and some sacred items can be found at treasures along the way. Remember to pay close attention because besides some items visible outside for you to notice them easily, some items are hidden somewhere that you need to find them. For example, they can be in a jar in the corner or in some wooden crate near the fight area. You may try to slash some strange ones along the way to make sure those valuable items won’t be missed.

The enemies of the Immortal Hunter

In a game, there is always a fair balance. The power never comes from one side. If you are strong, the boss is also correspondingly strong.

But before talking about the boss, let’s talk about the small monsters first. Well, at first, they are just dry skeletons moving, fighting with nothing at hand. Too easily, they can be killed by just one stroke. Then they start holding sticks, and then slowly evolve into monsters wearing pretty good clothes, holding weapons that could fire attacks. Of course, their firepower is always small compared to the destructive power of the Bosses’ weapon. But be careful. Because while you’re busy with the giant monster of each scene, these henchmen are all over the place. Each of them only needs to hit you once, it is enough for you to fall. So, you should never ignore them.

What about the bosses? Bosses can do the same thing as you: slash and slash our Dungeon Hunters. And in their hands is always a heavy weapon. Each boss has a different shape, weapon, and fighting style. So sometimes you need to hang around a bit to observe it before you enter the battles. Remember to keep an eye on the situation around you to prevent those evils I just mentioned above.

We will have a total of 3 Dungeon bosses on each floor. They are terrible evil creatures that escaped from prisons and resided in this dark dungeon. And then, you will have 2 more secret levels to the holy kingdoms being held here.

What does the main character have besides immortality?

There will also be many classes of the main character to choose from at higher levels. They can be Amazon or Sacred Sorceress, Evil Druid or Barbarian of exile, Paladin or Immortal Necromancer. Each has its own set of skills and weapons. You are free to choose according to your preferences and interests. Or just choose random, you can have the opportunity to try all the skills of each one.

In addition, when powering up the character, you will see advanced abilities at an impressive legendary level such as being able to create Immortal blizzard, blizzard of divinity, fireball, shock blizzard… or supreme is the ability to bet with a gambler: give an amount of gold for him to help you find powerful items to reach a higher level. But this is an all-or-nothing trick, you need to be very careful when using it.

MOD APK version of Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

MOD feature

Free Shopping

Download Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK for Android

This third-person dungeon fighting game has a very well-crafted shape. You can see the dark dungeon is neatly arranged. The arrangement of weapons, equipment, and skills is also extremely eye-catching and easy to understand. You just need to download and play right away, no need to learn anything before starting because it’s a super classic RPG.

• story progression through map with new dungeons and environments
• new enemies and enemy classes
• complete overhaul of weapons, armor and the rest of player equipment
• powerful new rare, epic and legendary items with special abilities
• player stats and playstyle customization
• complete rebalance of the game
• more emphasis on elemental mechanics
• polished combat mechanics
• new spells
• updated AI behaviour


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