Psyroom: Horror Of Reason
Psyroom: Horror Of Reason

Psyroom: Horror Of Reason

We know how to scare you

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Name Psyroom: Horror of Reason
Publisher Arleano Games
Genre Android
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Version 0.14
Update Dec 10, 2021
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Psyroom: Horror of Reason is the most famous version in the Psyroom: Horror of Reason series of publisher Arleano Games
Mod Version 0.14
Total installs 100,000+

Hello, are you looking for a game to play at night? Let’s try Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD APK, a little horror gift for you guys.

Introduce about Psyroom: Horror of Reason

Terrifying Dream in the Spooky Mental Hospital

Why are people afraid but still want to play horror games?

Any topic may come and go one day, but there is one game theme that everyone knows for sure will last with time: horror games. It can hit the hidden psychological corners, thoughts hidden deep in each person, beliefs that have been built from many other sources, and many unreasonably strange fears. Horror games are born to let people adventure in the emotional world. When you see it, you are afraid, but the more you are afraid, the more you want to play it, and the more you play, the more you will be twice as afraid. The vicious cycle of fear and curiosity continues.

I often wonder about my fear, what it is and when it comes. People’s fear can come from anywhere, from awareness, contact with society, or with religious concepts, to movies or rumors of the world. The fear in us will accumulate and thicken over the years. Some people are afraid to look in the mirror late at night, some people are afraid of dark enclosed spaces, some people can’t stand the feeling of going into a deserted place. Horror games are made to recreate the scary things deep in everyone’s mind. Playing horror games, you can choose to confront the horrors hidden behind the dark or run away from it, or simpler, not play it anymore.

But honestly, if you don’t play, you can’t stand being curious, right?

It feels exactly the same when I heard about this Psyroom: Horror of Reason game.


Psyroom: Horror of Reason is a mobile game that is not too epic or famous. But if for a terrifying experience with a few brain twists in a short time, I highly appreciate it. You may be afraid but soon you will fall in love with it, especially those who are fans of the horror puzzle game genre.

The game revolves around the setting of a mental hospital. When you mention this place, you immediately have 1001 fantasies in your head, right? Anything is correct. Because the Psychiatric Hospital space built in this game is filled with creepy maniacs, sick psychopaths, and sometimes serial killers for some deviant in their brains.

But that’s not horror enough. The scariest thing in this game is a perverted doctor who looks kind and benevolent on appearance but is an evil spirit inside. He opened this hospital as an excuse to find victims for a crazy experiment named “Survival #666”, the numbers of demons. And for those who don’t know, no victim has ever escaped from this horrible mental hospital.

For some reason, you became his next victim. Waking up in a dark room, arms and legs locked on the bed, in front of your eyes was that perverted doctor that you still believed was a good doctor. He injected you with some mysterious drug and started telling you about your dreams until you actually fell asleep. From that moment, your life took a completely different turn.

From that day on, you often had nightmares. Every time the night came, you fell asleep, then faced a horror so bad that it felt like you were sinking into many layers of hell. In that dream, you saw your own fears. They came out of your dreams and turned into terrifying repulsive monsters in reality. You wanted to get rid of them to find your way out of this crazy place. But each time they got in the way, and you were forced back into bed to suffer another day of suffering.

That perverted doctor had many other horrible hobbies. He tortured you in various ways, under the guise of being part of a genius experiment. Until now, in a situation where there is no choice, the only way is to follow those horrible crazy habits. You need to keep your life, life is all.


To get out of this hospital, you must not only run away from the mad doctor but also run away from your own fears in the form of horrible monsters that roam around every night. At the same time, you must decipher the symbols in the hospital, which are also the traces left by other patients. Successfully escaping and deciphering the symbols and connecting them, you will have the opportunity to become the first and only person to escape the cruel experiment called “Survival #666”, and to run away from this cruel mental hospital.

Most of the time in the game is spent running from enemies on all sides and solving puzzles. It requires you not only to flexibly control the character, quickly identify dangerous moments but also to use your brain in a tight time with a lot of pressure of fear. The level of the puzzle is not too difficult, but in a dangerous situation like the game offers, everything will make you break out in a cold sweat from fear and confusion.

Calm. Calm and Calm. Calm is the key to conquering this game. If you can play this game, you must be a very rational person who is always looking for ways to overcome your fears.

Graphics and sound

Like other horror games on mobile, the dark visuals, frustrating backgrounds, and a series of terrifyingly fast-paced sounds are a big part of the success. The darkness, scary monsters of all shapes and sizes, and the perverted doctor who can do things you would never expect if he caught you. And there are hundreds of items that are terrifying to look at in this hospital. Sometimes you can regret playing the game because it’s too scary.

But in return, it will stimulate your curiosity. When decoding all the puzzles, the story behind them will gradually be revealed. You will understand everything and find a way to survive in this place before it is too late. A good storyline is also an indispensable part when talking about this game.

MOD APK version of Psyroom: Horror of Reason

MOD feature

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Download Psyroom: Horror of Reason APK & MOD for Android

In conclusion, Psyroom: Horror of Reason isn’t too long, but is an interesting puzzle-horror game with a great story and terrifying backdrop that can trigger any hardcore player. What are you waiting for? Come and play it!

Two new acts!
Added Portuguese translation
Fixed some bugs
Optimizing performance


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