Ragnarok Origin
Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin

An epic MMORPG set in a fantasy world! Explore the adventure of Ragnarok!

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Name Ragnarok Origin
Publisher GRAVITY Co Ltd
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Version 4.4.0
Update Sep 25, 2022
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Ragnarok Origin is the most famous version in the Ragnarok Origin series of publisher GRAVITY Co Ltd
Mod Version 4.4.0
Total installs 100,000+

Ragnarok Origin APK is an online role-playing game by Gravity Corporation (Korea). In the open world, you will accompany the character to discover the buried royal mysteries and unfold the historical story of many events in the past.

Introduce about Ragnarok Origin

Immerse yourself in a fantastic open-world!

Ragnarok Origin is said to be based on the original manga Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin. What previously was very successful with the PC version. Will the mobile version do miracles like that?


This Norse myth is built around the war of Ragnarok. The kingdom of Asgard has left the peaceful period to officially enter a period of constant chaos because of the disturbance of the dark forces. Ragnarok Origin is about the final years of the war. Loki is a villain, has a human body but inside is a demonic soul. He possesses the most terrible magic of all time called “The Might”. The decades-long war and the heroic fighting of many heroes have weakened Loki and gradually exhausted his strength. And before he died, he left a dark curse. That curse has now officially spread new horrors to the whole world.

Years later, the curse of darkness has accumulated enough black energy and becomes a new force, officially threatening the world for the second time. As a member of the Novice academy, you and your companions will go on a journey to find the source and destroy all the remnants of evil. A new war, involving the past, determining the fate of the future, is about to begin.

The journey of fighting and self-improvement

When playing Ragnarok Origin, you will have many game modes to choose from: PvE, PvP, Arena Combat, Player vs Monster, Player vs All. Each mode has its own rules and attraction. The common point is that they are all dramatic and easy to understand, whether there is a long story behind them or not. The main principle of the game is still: Fight monsters, level up over time and open up new challenges, and continue to upgrade the character.

The main task of the player is to always fight and fight. Your enemies are ferocious monsters of the world of darkness. You must do all you can to overcome them and proceed to deal with the root of the evil curse of Loki, the dark lord.

Initially, your character will fight monsters with no weapons. This also makes sense for the future hero’s apprentice situation. You will then accumulate experience slowly, until level 10, when you are officially upgraded for the first time. Choose a career according to your forte and move on from there. In Ragnarok Origin, the protagonist can choose to become a Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Merchant, or Archer. Each direction has its own set of skills and its own development path in the future. So from scenes 1 to 10 is a golden time for you to learn for yourself, discover your true ability, and make the most suitable choice for you.

Through the war, in addition to upgrading skills, you will also be equipped and upgrade hundreds of equipment, weapons, and magic. And the burden on the shoulders now is not only fighting but having to embark on big adventures, facing strange situations, equally strange people to gradually unfold the secret of the kingdom. The past turns out to be related to how to break the curse for the future. And only you and your teammates can discover this.

In addition to simple battles, you also have a series of activities on the sidelines of the game to bring back great loot including skill upgrades, equipment, weapons, or super skins, and many battle support mounts. Moreover, you even can have a Tesla S can when doing these quests.

Be adventurous, be yourself

Each character from the beginning has a lot of options for the player.

You can choose a male or female character, then you can customize the character’s appearance according to your preferences. The feeling of being yourself, living, and accompanying the character comes from here. The bond grows stronger over the years as you discover your character can have a lot of things to upgrade and enhance.

The game’s monsters are also cleverly designed, lively, and well-suited to the scene. It makes the game experience never disappointing but on the contrary, very adventurous and pushes you from climax to climax.

Does Ragnarok Origin have any unique features?

The most unique thing about this game is the Mercenary feature. When playing alone, you can hire other players’ soldiers to fight for you. And you have to pay for that. So the more gold you have, the more likely you are to overcome difficult situations with this unique feature. Not only hiring, but you can also train and develop a powerful mercenary army to specialize in fighting.

Graphics and sound

The scene in Ragnarok Origin changes gradually over time and in history. Thereby each major event is recorded, accompanied by many small challenges posed to the characters. You will watch your character grow, mature with special abilities, and delve deeper and more into more “forbidden” secrets. Obviously, with such a seamless progression, the deep 3D space combined with the effective 2D character and color of each scene will be a huge impression. In this regard, Ragnarok Origin has fulfilled the role. Ancient palaces, dangerous castles with mysterious European style, vast grasslands stretching endlessly, a series of supporting characters with different, ingenious, and detailed shapes.

The combat or sound effects in Ragnarok Origin are generally not too different from fantasy RPGs, but the way everything is put together is honestly very gentle and ingenious. It is rare to play an MMORPG game that feels so comfortable and joyful, even though the plot is quite dark.

Download Ragnarok Origin APK for Android

Is Ragnarok Origin on mobile as good as on PC?

My answer is yes. Just like on PC, Ragnarok Origin on mobile has a great setting, colorful story, unique cuteness of each character, and elaborate moving lines in countless fascinating situations. As far as I can see, Ragnarok Origin not only conquers players in terms of content and gameplay but also about scenes and graphics. Gameplay on mobile is even more convenient on PC. You can download and try this game to feel it.

1. Game feature Optimization - Event time, Guild, Hunt, Rank, MVP, Chat System, Backpack, Card insertion 2. Noticeably visual update. - RO shop, Reward, Novice Village, Tips 2. New game feature is coming - Power Rank : Real-time feedback of power and compete with others. - Valkyrie Feather : Increase power by opening Stone Statue and collecting Valkyrie feather. - Emblem : Upgrading your character by getting emblem. - New Hordor Dreamland, Alfheim


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Ragnarok Origin 4.4.0 for Android

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