Redline Rush: Police Chase Rac
Redline Rush: Police Chase Rac

Redline Rush: Police Chase Rac

Police chase traffic racing at it's best! Extreme high speed driving!

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4.2 ( 670 ratings )
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Name Redline Rush: Police Chase Rac
Publisher DogByte Games
Genre Android
Size 55.68 MB
Version 1.4.1
Update Feb 1, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Redline Rush: Police Chase Rac is the most famous version in the Redline Rush: Police Chase Rac series of publisher DogByte Games
Mod Version 1.4.1
Total installs 10,000,000+

Redline Rush MOD APK, from the much-loved publisher DogByte Games, is a supercar racing game where you’ll weave your way through the many corners of the streets to escape the pursuit of the police.

Introduce about Redline Rush

Race cars to run away from the police


Redline Rush is a racing sports game that puts you in a situation where you are a criminal on the run from the police. On the road, you will have to drive skillfully at super-fast speed and do 3 things at the same time: hide and crash the police car, if necessary; avoid collisions with other vehicles or obstacles on the road; collect gold coins.


Redline Rush is first and foremost a fast-paced racing game. You will not have the opportunity to see the scenery or drive leisurely on the road. The whole game is full of dramatic moments and the feeling of constant suffocation when facing countless chases from the police. When the epic racing scenes appear on the exciting music background, it is time the intense chase phase begins. You’ll have to get used to the controls spread out evenly on both sides of the screen. You must constantly observe quickly and make subtle actions for everything that happens quickly on the road. Just by a minute of neglect, you can crash into a car on the road or the side of the road and then be caught by the police. Or just with one decision to accelerate in the wrong direction, you will be cornered and find yourself surrounded with no way out. Fast and fierce, that’s what you feel from the first minute in this Redline Rush game.

Redline Rush has 16 racetracks with a series of simulations of the latest and most modern racing cars in the world. From the beginning, when you have a car in hand, you will start the game by touching the two sides of the navigation screen and running. On the way, try to eat as many gold coins as possible.

More interestingly, when driving so fast, in addition to gold coins, many more items add points for you, such as magnets to attract coins, items to double the current points, or Nitro to speed up. But the pain is that these items are very difficult to get. The street is sometimes very wide, coins on the left, items on the right, the speed of the car is rushing away. You must constantly scout the road, press left and right quickly to get items. It’s not easy. And you must remember your ultimate goal is to run away from the police. Sometimes we are so busy getting coins and items that we forget about this, and we can die.

Those are the things you can get. And now, there are several things you have to avoid: other vehicles on the road, obstacles, sudden turns… Of course, sometimes you can take down a police car by flipping it. These challenging phases will bring you many scores. But try to choose the correct position of the opponent’s car head or you will be caught again, and the game is over.

When the car runs for a while, it can be upgraded. You can also beautify your car with the game’s Visual Paint tool. There are quite a few types of racing cars in Redline Rush, each of which is unique and has its power and speed indicators. The longer you play, the more attractive options you will have. You can use the money you earn while racing to buy new cars, upgrade your current cars or decorate them, whatever you like, but you must have money first. That’s why I said that you must collect as many coins as you can.

Currently, Redline Rush has 8 types of racing cars. However, the upgrade paths are quite wide open, so you can upgrade to many different levels depending on the money you have. And when you play long enough, the system opens, you will have the opportunity to buy a new car if you like. Each time you customize your car, you will have new skills such as the ability to clear the car in front of you, run faster, accelerate more times …

Graphics and sound

The 3D street racing scene is designed in detail in terms of graphics. You can see the wide roads, each obstacle that appears delicately, a series of cars on the road that moves like real. The movement of the car is especially sensitive and at extremely high speed. This race is sure to make any driving fan go crazy.

Like a scene from a racing movie on the big screen, you’ll speed up your car, charge nitro for extreme acceleration, ram police cars with a fiery touch, and whizzy through the air. You will be like a real racer. All the action experiences, the context, and series of situations on the road have the same purpose of providing a realistic experience. Redline Rush is realistic from the first scene and vehicle creations. You will see this very clearly when you start playing.

The sound is quite attractive. For the basic parts, it does quite well. But it’s not enough to create more depth of inspiration for the players. You can hear the roar of an engine, the squealing of tires on the road when you brake suddenly, the crash that happens when you knock a police car over, the siren blaring from a police car. But they are not much, most of the time, they are still these basic sounds. But fortunately, the background music is fast and heart-pounding. So, everything is quite ok. It would be great if there was more variety.

MOD APK verison of Redline Rush

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Redline Rush APK & MOD for Android

Redline Rush is a racing game where you race to escape from the police with super-fast speed, high challenges that always put you in a state of extreme concentration. The game has super beautiful visuals, mid-range sound, and dramatic gameplay. If you are looking for high-speed racing, then Redline Rush is one of the best.

Added wide screen support
Fixed compatibility issues


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Redline Rush 1.4.1MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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