In this strategy game you have to build and develop a factory on an alien planet

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Name ReFactory
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Update Jun 30, 2022
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ReFactory is the most famous version in the ReFactory series of publisher Bivak LLC
Mod Version v1.12.8
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ReFactory APK will give you ultimate freedom with a sandbox game model and a series of freestyle mechanisms. Where you go, what you do, what to build, what scale you direct to… will all depend on your construction talent and own management.

Introduce about ReFactory

Do what you love and take responsibility for what you do on a vast planet!

ReFactory is a typical sandbox game on mobile

Before going into the details of ReFactory, I will talk a little bit about the sandbox game genre. It is a game genre that puts creation first to give players the freest experience. In this genre, you can complete quests, or bring quests for yourself when the game does not have any particular goal. Sandbox games are considered a great blend of Creativity and various game genres to bring ultimate excitement for the players.

The ultimate goal of a typical sandbox game (like Elite or MineCraft) is to minimize the objectives, create flexible rules, bring free gameplay where the players can optionally add features and experience one by one themselves. In short, Sandbox game is like a space to try out different imaginary roles and tasks, not just a game to play.

About ReFactory

ReFactory belongs to the sandbox series, where you will build a world that works under your own rules. There is an automatic factory on an alien planet, where everything is still pristine and mysterious.


The story takes place in the far future of humanity. In a spaceship roaming around the galaxy on a mission, an unexpected incident occurred: the navigation system was destroyed, and the spacecraft fell. No one could have foreseen or done anything to save the spaceship from this dangerous situation. You can only listen to fate. After the incident, luckily, the ship landed on a strange planet. The miracle happened when people were still alive and able to survive in a strange atmosphere.

The crew members were scattered all over the planet. Perhaps you, the artificial intelligence of the spaceship, will be the only one to find and gather people to find your way home. But the devices have been all broken and scattered everywhere, how will you put everything in place and find your way back to Earth?

A strange but full-of-freedom planet

Like other sandbox games, ReFactory will teach players every detail to do whatever is needed in this grim situation.

It will show you how to find resources. This planet has everything you need: copper ore, iron, wood, crystals, granite, and petroleum… Copper ore can be used to make electrical wires, electrical cables, and components to complete essential machine parts. According to the instructions, you will have to collect the necessary support tools from the spaceship’s debris to exploit and accumulate these materials. They will be the first step in restoring the ship.

It will then show you how to build, connect equipment, repair damage in ships, make electrical and plumbing systems, assemble systems, and return everything to its original.

Moreover, on this wild but livable planet, you’ll find you can discover lots of things. Maybe you can even build a city in space to bring people up to live. You gradually not only complete the repair of the spaceship, gather all the crew members in one place, and bring them back to Earth, but you can also think and do more sublime things.

You can build and make automation of factories from basic to modern based on available resources. Each project has its own operation and function, the finished product of this will be the material for the other. Then you will have to balance the investment in your protection and combat ability to fight creatures you may have never seen. Those creatures appear at an unexpected time.  So, only by building strong walls, creating heavy weapons like mines, cannons, chemical weapons, drones, and all other more sublime things you can think of, you may be safe in your territory.

Keep building while operating, protecting, and fighting! In the end, maybe you will have a new civilization, which will be the second way out for humanity. Awesome!

Make your own decisions and take responsibility for them

So, instead of just completing a small task (to finish repairing the spaceship), you now really go on an adventure and explore everything with criteria, limits, and tasks set and achieved by yourself. But note that a very cruel feature in sandbox games like this is creating and taking responsibility for yourself. Just a small mistake in the use of resources can lead to unexpected consequences such as stopping the growth of miniature cities, technology becoming obsolete over time and gradually not developing, running out of resources while it’s a basic need in every process.

But in return, ReFactory still gives you other “breathable” terms such as there is no manual work, everything is automated, from the production lines to the systems of electric, water, energy, and drones… Then, depending on the game mode, you will be supported with a different smart assistant. In the early stages, maybe it will help you a lot.

You can also customize all the physical elements to build whatever you want. You can choose the type of soil, the level of danger of the planet, and the abundance of resources here. Just based on your preferences and your tactical capacity at each time to choose these constraints appropriately!

You will gradually build your own world that is a part of a large planetary world, like different small sandcastles in one sandbox.

Download ReFactory APK free for Android

ReFactory is such a simple, easy-to-understand sandbox game. You will be surprised with beautiful 2D graphics and fresh inspirational background music in this game. Moreover, you can create a good background environment to your liking, in almost limitless freedom. Do whatever you like, create your own world, and achieve things that you deserve!

Those who are fans of sandbox games need to download and play this interesting game immediately. So much beauty and fun in a game!

Main changes and additions:
- Massive Technological breakthrough: 10+ new mission research and 1000+ in Custom Game
- 2 new languages: German and Spanish
- Map editor for Custom Game
- Rich deposits are even bigger now
- Meteorites bring a new Crater lake sometimes
- New building — Nano printer
- Campaign Difficulty Setting
- More in game statistics to analyze
- T-Satellite finds the Destroyed Ooze Generator
- New hotkeys for quick save option

Full patch notes:


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