Sdorica: Gacha RPG
Sdorica: Gacha RPG

Sdorica: Gacha RPG

Puzzle & Tactical RPG.

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Name Sdorica: Gacha RPG
Publisher Rayark International Limited
Genre Android
Size 1.63 GB
Version 4.0.1
Update Oct 19, 2022
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Sdorica: Gacha RPG is the most famous version in the Sdorica: Gacha RPG series of publisher Rayark International Limited
Mod Version 4.0.1
Total installs 1,000,000+

Mobile games now have a lot of surprises. Whether you want an average or a super product, there are always some for you. And Sdorica APK, a tactical card 3D role-playing game will make you change the way you think about mobile games.

Introduce about Sdorica

The Epic of Mankind and the Sun of Freedom!


The story in Sdorica revolves around the sacred dragon Sdorica who created this strange land from the old days and put on it a species called “Humanity”. The whole world was indebted to the god dragon, people also got immortality thanks to the god dragon, but in return, they were robbed of their freedom and the right to be true humans.

Witnessing everything happening around and the lifeless development of everything, a man named Vendacti, who was rebellious from birth, did something that angered the god dragon. He asked Sdorica to let him be free to do what he wanted. Of course, Sdorica was not pleasant. So Vendacti called for like-minded people with the same bold thinking as himself, to stand up and raise the banner of justice, fight against the rule of the god dragon. At the end of the war, Vendacti would be the first and only human to finish off the god dragon with his own hand with a spear straight through the heart.

Fire from the dragon’s heart flew up into the sun. People have had the freedom they always wanted, but the price to pay was the loss of immortality. And of course, not everyone has the same thoughts as Vendacti and his teammates, they still have the intention of finding the resurrection of the god dragon to be immortal even though they would have to live as a slave for a lifetime.

Well, that’s my guess for Sdorica’s long story. And now, by the time our brave guy wins against the god dragon, the game is temporarily closed.

Sdorica is not only a game but also a melancholy epic. Regardless of right or wrong and who makes the truth, each character in Sdorica has his own voice, way of thinking, and worldview. That is also the foundation for a special point that makes the reputation of this game that I will talk about next.

No one is the main one, the story is the thread connecting all things and people

The strangeness of Sdorica begins here. Usually with other adventure role-playing games, when you choose a character for yourself, you will stick with that person from beginning to end, and all developments will revolve around that person. But in Sdorica, the game is the adventure of many characters. Each person has a different background, story, and path. There’s hardly anyone who calls “main” or “sub” here, all are equal, and each adventure has its own unique aftertaste. You can be Tica, the youngest student of Rune Academy, a character who represents a simple, natural, sociable, carefree person, who is sometimes a little heartless but generally witty and lovely. Or you can be Angelia, the princess of the kingdom of the sun, the kind of gentle, pure girl who uses her pure soul weapon to tame the opposing forces.

The story in Sdorica is very detailed and unfolds non-stop. It is the role-playing of many different characters that always gives players deep empathy, diverse perspectives, and a seamless follow-up to the story. The fantasy world in Sdorica is both beautiful and deep.


Talking about the gameplay, Sdorica is more tactical than adventure role-playing for me. In the wars, you will make moves by skillfully using Blocks (called orbs). Instead of choosing skills with the usual button, now you will make an orb selection table. Up to 14 orbs per one side: 7 upper and 7 lower rows are randomly arranged. These orbs include 3 colors corresponding to three different fighting styles: White is Support, Black is Attack, Yellow is Defense. When touching a color, immediately the characters of that battle group will appear and display their own skills.

But that’s just the general style. Going into each color will be a lot of characters. In each battle, you can only bring 3 characters of 3 different categories. In addition, there is 1 support character and 1 character in the Guild, but these two friends do not directly participate in the battle. Each character has 5 main skills, including 3 skills that can be activated, 1 innate skill, and 1 support skill. For three active skills, you can use them through the number of Blocks. As for the innate and support skills, they can be activated separately depending on each player’s own battle strategy. The way you arrange blocks according to their random number of appearances to activate each type of skill will create variety in the battle and create colorful attacks and defenses. Winning and losing are also decided from here.

Now you may wonder, which character is the main? I can guarantee that although the character system in Sdorica is quite large and spread, it is always in a balanced position. Whichever character is chosen, they all have the same chance to fight as equals and have the same chance of winning as anyone else. The reason is that the situation of the war in Sdorica does not depend on the character much but on the main way of arranging Block. That’s why I said this game is more about strategy than role-playing.

Graphics and sound

Sdorica is essentially a 3D role-playing game, but the drawings are in a bit of chibi style, and a bit of block animation. This cool mix is ​​also one of Sdorica’s own personalities. The story in the game is quite dark while the colors, character creation, and background are very fresh. You can see all colors represent majestic nature. Playing Sdorica is so relaxing, everyone, not too much pressure like many other mobile games.

And what about music? If you are used to the one-color background music and the sound effects that only focus on the fighting phase as usual on mobile games, through Sdorica, your heart will drop a beat because the music here is so rich and full of feeling. There is the light, soaring soundtrack, epic battle effects, and in every small action of the character, there is no shortage of humming low notes. If the character’s emotions change, the music also changes. Sdorica is not only a great work of gameplay but also a beautiful love song in the mobile world.

Download Sdorica APK for Android

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each character, thoughtfully choosing orbs for each move, and spending a lot of time getting used to how to control orbs. Having done these three jobs, you will officially step into the world of Sdorica and can’t stop watching the tenacious warriors’ fight for freedom and independence.

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