Solitaire: Classic Cards Game
Solitaire: Classic Cards Game

Solitaire: Classic Cards Game

Solitaire Games: Card Game 2022. Play fun klondike card games and boost your IQ!

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Name Solitaire: Classic Cards Game
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Update Oct 14, 2022
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Solitaire: Classic Cards Game is the most famous version in the Solitaire: Classic Cards Game series of publisher Tripledot Studios Limited
Mod Version 4.03.01
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You know, any 8X who says they don’t know the game of cards on Windows must not have been born on Earth. I believe you at least once spent hours in front of the computer for this card game. And do you want to play it again even just once? If yes, Solitaire APK will be the game you must try.

Introduce about Solitaire

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Let’s enjoy the card game!

Thinking every day will always bring clarity to your brain, which is good for your memory in old age. There is nothing better than spending some leisure time training your mind. You will be relaxed too. One of the games I like to play when I’m relaxing is playing classic cards on old Windows.

The ultimate card game must be the classic card game

Solitaire is a card game from Tripledot Studios Limited, for those who are passionate about this leisurely sport or want to find a little taste of the old days from the Windows days with colored windows running back and forth.

Cards games can be said to be the most diverse brain sport in the world today. Popular ones are scratch cards, four-color cards… For a little bit more complicated, there are blackjack cards, klondike cards… and so many variations.

The classic and the most popular is probably Klondike, still known as Solitaire, from the list of games always available on Windows computers.

Professional card players often tell each other that if you want to practice your skills, want to join a card game association, or want to assert your level, then you must play Klondike very well first. So how does this type of card game, and what is attractive about it?

The rules of Klondike

The gameplay of Klondike is also quite simple, but of course, to win many rounds in a row is very difficult. How to play this card is as follows:

  • The deck is shuffled at random, placing 28 cards face down in 7 columns. In each column, the lower card is stacked on top of the higher card. After the arrangement is complete, there are 24 cards left outside.
  • The last card of each column is then turned face up.
  • On these 7 columns, there are 4 compartments containing cards of the same suit (clubs/ diamonds/ hearts/ spades). Each compartment can hold up to 13 cards (in a total of 52 cards).
  • Rules of the game: A line consists of face-up cards that are stacked on top of each other in descending order of numbers and alternating colors. That is, the 5-spade card can be placed above the 6-diamond card, the 8-club card will be below the heart card.
  • Each correct move would be: move the face-up cards from one column to another. After each move, you must create a complete line with the available cards on the new pole.
  • If the bottom-up card is an ace or has an adjacent number of the same suit as the card in the upper compartment, you can move this card from the bottom to the top.
  • If there is an empty column after moving the card, you can fill the gap with any number (K).
  • If you don’t have enough, correct cards and can’t make a line, you must turn over one of the 24 cards in outside reserves to see if you can make it a line in one of the 7 available columns.
  • Until you put all 52 cards in the upper 4 compartments, you win.

The difficulty of this game is that: sometimes not all moves can solve it and not always you can complete it. This small game is sometimes very inhibiting and therefore is the benchmark for evaluating the player’s brain-strewn logical reasoning mind.

Klondike is back on mobile

Now say goodbye to old Windows, you can have another nostalgic fun on mobile with the original Solitaire (Klondike) game like when you were a kid. Of course, it has been reworked with a polished look and a more interesting interface, not the dull green card background as before. Solitaire now has a magical 3D graphic background, fun animations, and the way the cards flip and line up, fly back and forth to go to the compartments is also more sophisticated.

Solitaire also has more ways to play than in the old days. You can play with 1 card or 3 cards, and you can choose the classic scoring method and rules as above or quickly calculate the score according to the gameplay of Vegas casinos. You can even customize the card to look beautiful and choose any game mode you like. I really like this point. They made the old card game that was a bit boring now become more modern, stylish, and exciting.

This beautiful little mobile game can be played completely free and offline. So, feel free to download it to your device, and take it out and play whenever you want.

Download Solitaire APK for Android

The card game cannot be more classic. Play it to kill time while exercising your mind and patience. It has beautiful images, colors, and many types of cards. Hey Solitaire lovers! Click on the link below to download and play now!

We’ve made some small improvements under the hood in order to make the game experience even smoother and all the more relaxing. As always, it’s no-fuss Solitaire, with a beautiful design that lets you simply play!


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