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Startup Panic

Quit your job and build an exciting startup!

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Name Startup Panic
Publisher tinyBuild
Genre Android
Version v3.14
Update Apr 28, 2021
Startup Panic is the most famous version in the Startup Panic series of publisher tinyBuild
Mod Version v3.14
Total installs 1,000+

Startup Panic APK is a game that simulates the process of a Programmer conquering his StartUp path. Take the opportunities, overcome difficulties, even deal with unexpected situations. Even if you go bankrupt, you will also learn many valuable lessons.

Introduce about Startup Panic

Practice being a StartUp Programmer in a funny, realistic simulation story

Startup Panic, a hard-to-play simulation game

First, it must be said this is the most difficult simulation game in the same genre I have ever played. It is difficult not because of the manipulation of the controls, nor because of the tasks given, but because the prospects it offers are not easily accepted. You can fall into Bankruptcy (equivalent to GameOver) at any time for a very small reason: a core employee suddenly leaves. No one does the backlog, customers complain, income goes down, other employees also leave, the company stagnates, debt starts increasing, the company can’t pay, and game over.

You may think situations like that seem exaggerated. But absolutely not. That is the reality and just one of the thousands of funny situations that a Startup has to endure on their way to self-enrichment.


Immersed in work and being forced to do things from nowhere from your boss’s orders, you feel tired and depressed. You decide to quit your job and start your own business. Everything in this simulation game starts from here.

As a Startup Programmer, you will hire your first employee to work on your first project. Things start to look better with a few more contracts. You will have to choose which project to prioritize first, which to later, find a full-time, long-term employee, or just hire someone in the short-term. Candidate profiles are full on the tables, you can choose depending on your labor budget or the special skills you need at each time.

When you get the money from the project, you can buy furniture, equipment for the office, or hire more employees. Spending money in the right place is also essential to long-term success. For example, spending too much money to hire people and decorate your company beautifully can leave you with financial holes that are difficult to fill. If something suddenly happens to the company right now, it will be difficult for you to get over it.

Your goal is to start a successful business. So before doing anything else, you should focus on how to have a stable income and a good reputation in the hearts of potential customers. If you go astray, only focus on external values and forget about your original goal, you may face great difficulties.

Interspersed with decisions and situations that seem very serious, Startup Panic also tries to pose difficult comedy details such as the reason why your company is damaged by hackers is related to pirates (?!). Above all, you need to have a clear understanding of what you are doing, what your abilities and potential are. Ultimately, the success of a StartUp is marked by becoming the head of the world’s leading programming company. All other outcomes are similar to Bankruptcy.

Although the operation here is so simple. You just need to read the progress, information and touch the icon to make the corresponding decision. But it’s really not that easy. To make a good decision, sometimes you have to consider sacrificing many things, trading a few things in order to achieve long-term benefits. Seeing things more clearly and more multidimensionally will give you many advantages to succeed.

What do you need before playing Startup Panic?

Startup Panic requires you to have a little knowledge of the subject of economics and previous experience related to career simulations. There must also be an interest in doing business. The game has many technical words such as Market Share, Monthly Balance, Global market, Local market, Regional Research, Usability, Distribution… These technical words, if understood well, will help you anticipate many difficult situations in market changes and anticipate imminent risks and opportunities.

Waking up after playing Startup Panic

In almost 90% of the game’s time, you perform the given tasks and work under the contract. It’s basically like freelancing, although there are also working places, teams, assigned tasks, and employees.

Startup Panic’s mission doesn’t seem to encourage someone to quit their job to work on their own. But in contrast, it exposes the darkest, saddest, and most difficult scenarios you can face when deciding to start your own business. Your income seems unstable at all, employees can leave at any time, product technology is stolen, everything is easy to fall into a negative state, and there is no way out…

In fact, it is very similar to real life. Reality is always harsh and bitter. You can choose any path: working for life as an employee to have a safe and ideal working environment, or choosing the difficult, arduous, bumpy road to shoulder it, behave and take responsibility for yourself. Everyone has their own choice.

It’s important to know what you can trade, how much to lose and how many times you can try in life. Does luck come with talent and will? Are you the right type to start a business? Are you a good leader? Do you like money and have the will to get rich or just start a business for temporary pleasure? To answer that question, you should play Startup Panic.

Download Startup Panic APK free for Android

Overall, Startup Panic offers humorous simulation, a fast tempo, sometimes it is a bit too humorous but undeniably realistic. You want to understand about a real StartUp, playing this game is ideal.

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