Survival RPG 3:Lost In Time 2D
Survival RPG 3:Lost In Time 2D

Survival RPG 3:Lost In Time 2D

A Fantasy Treasure Hunt set in a Retro Pixel Exploration RPG Adventure Game.

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Name Survival RPG 3:Lost in time 2D
Publisher Bew Games inc
Genre Android
Size 29.73 MB
Version 1.12.2
Update Aug 24, 2022
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
Survival RPG 3:Lost in time 2D is the most famous version in the Survival RPG 3:Lost in time 2D series of publisher Bew Games inc
Mod Version 1.12.2
Total installs 1,000,000+

Survival RPG 3 MOD APK is a strange survival adventure where you get lost and transported to different timelines. In each place, your task is to fight, find resources and survive to the last minute.

Introduce about Survival RPG 3

Survival in multiple timelines: the most engaging retro battle I’ve ever played!

There have been quite a few survival games on mobile, but not all games are impressive and bring much excitement to play. Whether the Survival experience is great depends a lot on the situation that leads to the character’s survival and depends on whether the challenges along the way are rich and attractive or not, whether the character has many skills, and what the destination is.

When just one of the factors above disappears, the game is difficult to succeed. If you are looking to play a survival game that fully meets those criteria but is light, easy to understand, easy to play, and fun, then you should try Survival RPG 3.


In Survival RPG 3, you get lost in time. In turn, you are drifting to different timelines of humanity, then you will have to live, fight, and survive in your harsh circumstances. At the same time, you must find the lost antiquities, connect them and find the way back.

For example, when drifting back to the Stone Age, you will meet a series of large and small dinosaurs, even dragons. When you clash with prehistoric people, you must constantly adapt to gathering food to maintain your life. In another period, there are other trials and dangers.

You must continually fight, find a way to survive, and find out what happened to the timeline to fix the error and return to the present. That is a purpose that goes beyond mere survival. Survival RPG 3 has made a strong mark compared to normal survival games.


With the desire to return to the present, on the way to find the error of the timeline and learn how to fix it, you will need a lot of clues. The only way to win the game is to explore every nook and cranny of the scene, to connect what we see with what we already know. Continuously fight against difficult traps along the way, such as facing the beasts. But that’s still not enough.

You will need to meet a lot of people, help them, and get back an important detail related to rare artifacts for your journey to find the truth. You can call the big and small things that these NPC characters bring side quests. They are expressed in many ways. They could be a request for help, a puzzle, a predicament that needs to be solved. Answer them, sometimes you will have both a clue and a surprise gift like a “thank you” from the supporting characters.

When adventuring around fighting and doing quests, don’t forget to collect as many items as possible. They all help your health and skills. It can be food, drink. For example, eating dinosaur eggs can make you more muscular and fight more resiliently. Sometimes items can also be resources and materials for you to exploit and create new weapons. This is also a way for you to increase your fighting power and survive more persistently in the game.

Also don’t miss the hidden treasures and items along the way. They will make you strong and have more chances to get close to those lost artifacts.

Controlling the character is quite simple. On the left is a navigation simulator cluster, on the right is a collection button with hand symbols and a battle button. Above is a list of items and weapons, so you can touch and use them immediately when needed. Everything, in my opinion, is very intuitive because all are available on one page, unlike many other complex survival games. You know, sometimes simplicity is the best.

Each period is a separate set of challenges

Thanks to the idea of ​​​​getting lost in the timeline that is quite interesting from the beginning, Survival RPG 3 brings a lot of different “challenge sets” corresponding to each period. Your first task is to stay awake and realize where you are going. Future or Past, Medieval or Stone Age. From there, there will be a reasonable precaution. In the Middle Ages, you need to prepare yourself to deal with difficult caveman dragons. And in the Stone Age, there will be tons of dinosaurs waiting. Sometime in the future, there will be an unusual monster that you have never known before. Everything is alternating, one after another, making the main character’s survival adventure never-ending and extremely unique.

Survival RPG 3 brings a total of 7 story chapters corresponding to 3 timelines: Medieval, Jurassic, Future. In those 7 chapters, there’s a lot of cool settings: more than 50 dungeons, many caves, towns, jungle, temple, huts, huge houses. And you will fight more than 40 different types of monsters… Difficulties are everywhere and always challenge you little by little.

Crafting, the main source of the character’s strength

But luckily, the rewards and support for the character are also quite rich. There are over 220 items to discover and craft. These numbers have continuously increased over time through the publisher’s updates.

Speaking of crafting, this is another good thing about this game. There are 85 different crafting recipes that you will unlock in turn throughout the game. Increasingly, the crafting ability is higher, giving you more advantages in combat and artifact hunting.

So, what items can you craft with tons of collected materials? You can make axes to cut down trees, you can make shovels and hoes to mine more…

And not only weapons, but players can also create other tools for their survival: candles or lanterns to light up dungeons, or food bags to carry plenty of food on the go…

MOD APK version of Survival RPG 3

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamonds


You get a lot of diamonds after complete the tutorial.

Download Survival RPG 3 APK & MOD for Android

Survival RPG 3 is a pixel-graphic survival RPG with a logical story. It is also fresh air amid massive 3D survival games of which mechanics sometimes lack the necessary flexibility. In Survival RPG 3, you can have the flexibility with tons of quests and puzzles, versatile characters, unlimited control, lots of episodes, and interwoven contexts that make your Adventure never boring.

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Survival RPG 3 1.12.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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