The Longest Road On Earth
The Longest Road On Earth

The Longest Road On Earth

Short stories about ordinary people living their lives, narrated by music.

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Name The Longest Road on Earth
Publisher Raw Fury
Genre Android
Version 1.0.4
Update May 27, 2021
The Longest Road on Earth is the most famous version in the The Longest Road on Earth series of publisher Raw Fury
Mod Version 1.0.4
Total installs 500+

The Longest Road on Earth APK is a music game from the publisher Raw Fury. In the game, you will be able to see and understand each character’s story and the world around them in the background of empathetic music.

Introduce about The Longest Road on Earth

Take a step back to look into your soul!

A very strange game not for everyone

The Longest Road on Earth is a very strange Indie game. It is not sad, nor happy. It’s just a game without borders, you can play it anywhere, at any stage of your life, regardless of gender, age, and language. The game is contemplative, slow-paced, and every action needs you to stop to deeply feel the character’s mood. The game is well worth playing if you are looking for a little spiritual support in your life or want to watch the world slowly fling in your thoughts. And of course, it is not suitable for those of you who just like fast games or tumultuous fights.

You also don’t expect twists, sensational situations, or fantasies in The Longest Road on Earth because here, everyone lives their own boring life. A day goes by just waking up, washing eyes, cleaning the house, washing clothes, or for someone else, visiting a familiar café for a smoky cup, looking at people through the window, reading a newspaper, and eating a cake… And when each silent action takes place slowly, one after another on the background of 24 peaceful songs, your soul will be awakened to the deepest corner.

You’ll find yourself in the story

The game is four short stories and is completely wordless. Every detailed action of the character shows up, with black and white pixel-tone graphics, all blended on the background of emotional nostalgic songs. In that seemingly monotonous world, you have been swept away without notice.

The game will make you relive the innocent emotions that seem to have disappeared in this busy life. Those are moments that are both poignant and mundane where you both feel alone and in harmony with your surroundings. Do you remember the feeling of burying yourself in a warm blanket when it’s raining outside? Or the joy of children blowing away dandelions on a warm sunny day, collecting seashells with a friend, skiing with the children, riding a bicycle on the road on a windy afternoon? All those feelings can never be out of your heart and memory, can they?

The game does not have any verbal instructions, as if for everyone to understand in their own way. For those who are already living a peaceful daily life, you must feel yourselves in a game like this. For those who are still indifferent to life, you may suddenly realize that everything around you is actually like a non-stop spinning wheel. Now it’s time to slow down a bit to look around more, feel more deeply about the world, and share more. “Take a step back to look into your soul”, perhaps this is the final message that the game wants to send to players.

About black and white pixel graphics and in-game music

The Longest Road on Earth will lead you through 3 hours of experience with all kinds of emotions, but most of them are deposition. The game is a simple life storybook consisting of 4 chapters, each chapter revolves around a different character, on the background of 24 nostalgic country-style songs sung by Beicoli, a member of the game’s production team.

You will many times wonder why it is black and white and pixels where it can be smoother than that, and why the characters are not people but just animals in the shape of a human?

Everyone will have a different answer.

But for me, black and white are two blurred concepts of life, where we cannot clearly distinguish. Black and white are also the two most boring colors but the source of all other colors. Our lives are always the same every day, but through that repetition, we have time to accumulate enough energy to go on and make breakthroughs.

What about pixel graphics? Is the Pixel not the source of everything, both in technology and everyday life? We ourselves are made up of atoms and cells, and the images on the computer screen are made up of millions of pixels. Finding our roots will be the way for us to find peace and be healed of all wounds.

Why is each character an animal with a human body? I don’t think too much about this point. But if I need an explanation, it would be that each person has their own soul, this soul is a mixture of good and evil. The way we share, empathize with everything around us will determine which part is bigger. You also won’t know who the people around you are, and sometimes you can’t even understand who you are.

That’s what I thought about The Longest Road on Earth.

Download The Longest Road on Earth APK free for Android

The world is going crazy because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are going through the quietest days because of the series of days of quarantine and the constant dangers lurking every day. Is this not the time to return to the self, listen to the voice of the soul, and enjoy the most peaceful things? I think everyone should experience The Longest Road on Earth once to understand themselves better. The game deserves to be a melancholic indie adventure game worth playing this year.

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