The Lord Of The Rings: War

The Lord Of The Rings: War

The Lord of the Ring: War APK is a strategy game in the partnership project between Netease Games Global and Warner Bros. The game is inspired by The Lord of the Rings novels. This time the fierce battlefield takes place as all factions are determined to dominate the vast Middle Earth. Where will things go, and which side will win? You yourself will experience how it feels when being a part of this once-and-for-all battle.

Introduce about The Lord of the Ring: War

The Geo-Strategic war game about the final battle for the domination of Middle Earth!

When watching the first episode of The Lord of the Ring, a cinematic masterpiece, I believed it would definitely be hot, and there would definitely be many games inspired by it. Things came later than expected. It was many years after the movie was released that there was a worthy game exploiting the entire strategic battlefield in the movie at that time.


The Lord of the Ring: War is the result of a partnership between Netease Games Global and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in the final battle of all factions to claim the One Ring, taking control of Middle Earth. To join the war, you must build up your forces, exploit all the potential of the army, be present in every war to gain experience and increase strength, then expand your territory and slowly take advantage, defeat all the remaining factions to become the Lord of the Rings.


In the Third Era of Middle Earth, conflicts between the factions in both Good and Evil sides and within each side, have reached a climax. All could not wait any longer. War is bound to happen. You are assigned to lead one of the factions of the vast World of Arda. Your mission is to win the One Ring, unite the factions and rule Middle Earth.

Those who have seen the movie will find it a little easier to understand. This game doesn’t talk deeply about the plot, there are just a few quotes and then the battle begins. So, it is not enough for newcomers to distinguish which side is Evil or Good. But it doesn’t matter when you choose sides to show off your leadership skills.

But you are not alone in the battle. And to get closer to victory, you must have an ally and be part of an Alliance. Those who have seen the movie will immediately know the Evil and Good, then depending on the choice of the original faction, they can continue to choose the Allies, establish friendships, and battle groups.

When entering the wars, you need to remember that your only task after each battle is to defeat the opposing faction, capture more territories and expand the boundaries of your faction. The faster you expand, the more likely you are to become the leader of the Alliance and take over the One Ring in the future.

Long-term and increasingly open tactics

When you start playing the game, you will choose generals and territories. Each general will have its own ability and development path. You are free to choose to be the leader of a certain faction in the Elves, dwarves, Orcs, and Hobbits… Next, you form a squad, show your tactical talent in controlling the generals in the different armies to fight and win the enemy as quickly as possible.

The tactic is not only about fighting or leading troops to battle, but it also includes many different diplomatic activities. After you stabilize your role and understand the situation, you will start to think and choose to Cooperate with or Attack each of the remaining factions. Try to do the best for your clan and in the long run, take the opportunity to get close to the leadership role of Middle Earth.

Or you also have to go here and there in the pubs in search of an important clue, information (Tips) that no one has ever known. Buy booze, listen to conversations, do small quests for tips, or take on more special quests to get the respect of a good champion. And then have them in the ranks to strengthen the army.

The longer you play, the more new challenges open up, giving you the opportunity to have more land to show off your war tactics. That’s what any lover of the Strategy genre wants to have in a good game.

Familiar names

Based on the original novel, the game offers a series of familiar characters that have made me worry for many nights just to connect their relationships. We have Aragorn, son of Arathorn I, the only one to refuse the ring’s magic; Legolas, the Elf prince; Gandalf, the greatest wizard of Middle Earth; Galadriel, “Lady of Lothlorien”; Boromir, excellent son of Gondor; and many other mighty warriors. All will appear in turn on the large map on the way to Dol Guldur.

Download The Lord of the Ring: War APK for Android

The battle strategy game The Lord of the Ring: War is a true, most complete description of the biggest famous battles and the final battle to solve the war in Middle Earth for many years. Come and play it. Believe me! It will never dissatisfy you!

What's new update

1. Festival Event: Shadows of the Past
2. New Contents: The Day and Night System
3. Experience and Interface Optimization
4. Fixed language and technical bugs.
  • 4.3
4.3 (116048)
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App Info
  • App Name The Lord of the Rings: War
  • Package Name com.netease.lotr
  • Publisher Netease Games Global
  • Updated
  • Required Android 4.1
  • Version 1.0.234664
  • MOD No
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