The Soul Stone War
The Soul Stone War

The Soul Stone War

Fight for the future—your own, and the world’s! Your fate is yours.

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Name The Soul Stone War
Publisher Hosted Games
Genre Android
Size 8.18 MB
Version 1.3.3
Update Jun 16, 2022
MOD Unlocked All Chapters, No Ads
The Soul Stone War is the most famous version in the The Soul Stone War series of publisher Hosted Games
Mod Version 1.3.3
Total installs 10,000+

The Soul Stone War MOD APK from the publisher Hosted Games opens like a book. You may think everything is just a simple interactive game. But no, it is also role-playing, a character selection game with hundreds of other interesting details.

Introduce about The Soul Stone War

Play an important role and interact with others in a novel about an adventure to find the self.

The story

You, as the main character, are a person who is running away from the past. And no matter how far you go, what you do, whoever you meet, fate is still there pursuing your past, present, and future. In this journey of escaping the past, you have longed for a new, normal life. But things don’t seem to be going as planned.

Mysterious items constantly arise, especially the Soul Stone. They brought with them tremendous power after their long slumber thousands of years ago. Whoever can hold them in hand will become the hegemon of the world, controlling all things, all species including humans. The adventure will lead you to complicated relationships with a variety of characters, including a thorny warrior, a mischievous elf, a woman of dragon blood, a gentle noble with a dark past, and a mysterious villain. Choosing how to behave in each dialogue with these characters will take your life to many different turns.

You will choose to be a hero, accept sacrifices, shoulder the heavy responsibility of collecting all these mascots, overcoming all temptations on the way, and defeating all the black plots from the dark forces who are waiting to take over this precious soul stone.

Or you can choose to follow your own life, give up all ties of fate, refuse to sacrifice and responsibilities, to live a normal life.

Or you can also give up your soul and everything around you to sink into the darkness of evil…

It all depends on your choices and thoughts.

The Soul Stone War MOD by APKMODY


Factors that are highly appreciated by the player community

The first is about the fascinating and dramatic plot that I will tell in the next section. Next is about portraying the character’s personality, from the main to the supporting, the sense of humor, and the thrilling details in the story.

In Particular, there is a character selection feature. And it’s so detailed that it looks like a real RPG. Your character will have Character information, Traits and skills, Relationship, Swear word, Portrait gallery, and Romance Guides. In each section, it is divided into many small factors that later more or less affect the progress of the story. For example, in Traits and Skills, Traits will have Pragmatism, Stoic, Bold, Honest, Intuition, Playful, Cautious, Deceptive; while Skills will have Magic, Combat prowess, Persulation, Wits.

It can be roughly understood as if you are drawing a character image for yourself, from personality to skills. Do you want yourself in the story to be an honest, ambitious, and determined person or just a playboy who takes things lightly? Deciding on the character’s personality means you have personally molded a few things for your path in the story.

It’s just about the inner personality. What about appearance? At some point during the game, you will be “licensed” to draw the main features of your identity, as at the page saying “You rub a hand over your face, then raise it to scratch your scalp. The sensation grounds you. You have…” Now the options below will be ebony black hair, light brown hair, dark brown hair, light blonde hair (and many more). When you choose, you have given yourself a physical feature. Instead of choosing through images, you will use words to draw your character.

This character can end up being male or female, gay or bisexual, depending on your choices. And what’s interesting is that there is no distinction in terms of their role or importance, everything is the same except the plot and the ending.

What will you do and get in The Soul Stone War?

Your mission is to devote your attention to read, follow the story, and make decisions where they need to be. Believe me, there are not too many choices of this kind, but when they do appear, this is definitely an important (or quite important) episode related to the reaction and way of dealing with people, which will lead to many related consequences later. Of course, it has some impact on the ending you are drawing step by step.

The number of choices offered for each situation is not fixed, sometimes 2, 3, sometimes more. And there is also an option like “None of these”. If you choose, you will manually fill in what you want to say or do, in the character position. Interestingly, this information is filled in by the player himself, but the game can still handle it smoothly and skillfully. You’ll see the story flow logically even when there are no available options.

The second main thing is choosing and building the character you will embody in the story. You’ll start with the person’s personality and skills, then change the physical features. Until you can imagine a complete person in body and soul, the role-playing stage is complete. Next is to read the story and choose the options according to your instincts and reason.

An interactive story reading game that combines role-playing and many strange points can bring you deep contemplation

One good thing about the interactive story game genre is that: you can choose whatever you think is right. No one can force you to be a hero, a warrior, or an honest person. We can cheat a little, be mean a little, not be perfect, as long as we choose right with our instincts and thoughts. As long as you feel comfortable and satisfy your curiosity, how it ends is not so important.

Playing this genre more and more, you will enter the contemplation stage, you will realize this world is very limitless and full of the “butterfly effect”. You will think whatever happens in our lives has a reason, especially after playing a game as deep and detailed as The Soul Stone War.

MOD APK version of The Soul Stone War

MOD features

  • Unlocked All Chapters
  • No Ads

Download The Soul Stone War MOD APK for Android

The Soul Stone War is exactly an interactive reading game combined with role-playing elements. The entire Story is a 487,000-word, thrilling fantasy novel by author Morgan Vane. This game has absolutely no graphics, no light and sound effects, all just text, and text. So, if you are really passionate about this school, you will enjoy playing it, otherwise, it will be very boring. In general, the key is gout!

Download The Soul Stone War to play here, everyone.



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The Soul Stone War APK + MOD (Unlocked All Chapters, No Ads)

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