Experience a classic point and click adventure set amongst the fish planets.

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Publisher Fireart Games
Genre Adventure
Version 1.043
Update Sep 24, 2021
TOHU is the most famous version in the TOHU series of publisher Fireart Games
Mod Version 1.043
Total installs 5,000+

TOHU APK, a puzzle-adventure indie game from Fireart Games, is quite heavy in color but its setting, plot, and characters are filled with positivity. This is a very beautiful and cute game that both children and adults can play well.

Introduce about TOHU

The adventure to find the self on the fish planet

One of the “traps” that many puzzle adventure games often fall into then lead to a total flop is they want to convey too many things at once in a not-so-deep plot. Moreover, they also want to create unnecessary difficulty that is unrelated to the main quest or fails in the logic itself.

To have a successful puzzle game, not everything has to be “overdone” or exaggerated in difficulty. Sometimes a story just needs to be gentle, smooth, the plot is curious but not too dramatic, the question is not too difficult to twist the brain. When they come with super cute graphics and a good narrative, the game is enough to make the player’s heart flutter. I just finished playing a game like that. It is TOHU.


TOHU is a game as weird as its name suggests. In the game, you will experience a fascinating adventure in the context of an alien fish planet. Here, as The Girl, a lovely little girl, you will explore the beautiful environment and solve a series of complex puzzles. You are not alone, but always have a companion, Cubus, a small square mounted on your head like two butterfly antennae.

The two of you, one person, one robot, will find out the truth about yourselves and fully understand the mysterious Sacred Engine that powers this world. The final mission is to repair the Sacred Engine and truly understand what’s going on.


To do the big mission above, you have to go from the smallest things. Find a simple clue, find a creature needed to power a ship, or learn how to operate a funny-shaped cannon. All will help you get closer to the answer about the identity of The Girl and Cubus.

The fish world where you start your adventure has many lively locations such as a cold fjord, or a mechanical workshop in the middle of the sky… Along the way, The Girl also meets other attractive characters and faces complex puzzles. With the character’s flexible and agile movement, you can reach mysterious areas that others cannot reach.

During your adventure, you can switch back and forth between The Girl and Cubus at any time. You need to lift a heavy object; you need a strong arm to catch the flies passing by, or you want to win in an impromptu arm wrestling… Cubus will help you with these.

Tohu barely has any speech. The story will let players connect the pieces and find their way. This game inspired by the novel King’s English will bring many questions about the vast universe with many codes, many characters to be answered. If you are a puzzle lover of this school, Tohu is a fertile land for you to discover.

A game, a work of art

Every detail in the fish planet is vividly depicted through beautiful hand-drawn art. The shapes of the characters, animals, objects are strange but not scary, they are indeed extremely lovely. The color tone of the game is a bit quiet (purple and white as the main color), but the image is lively with too much cuteness.

Another interesting point you cannot ignore is the background music. All Tohu soundtracks are composed by Christopher Larkin, the talented composer of Hollow Knight, an indie game that no one in the puzzle adventure world does not know about.

Download TOHU APK free for Android

The game is not too difficult to twist the brain nor too creative and unpredictable. The pureness of the game, from the character creation to the story that opens after the game is finished, is what attaches the game to players after just a few short hours of play. Short but memorable and super fun.



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