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Turmoil is the most famous version in the Turmoil series of publisher LTGAMES GLOBAL
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Turmoil APK from LTGAMES GLOBAL will tell you what the true way to riches is for a talented individual in a time of freedom.

Introduce about Turmoil

The game of the rich in the historic oil-rush era


You may not know or care much, but American history has recorded many great milestones. There are periods of disturbances because there is no clear governing system and binding laws. But it is those hard times that produce outstanding individuals. They may begin with a very personal reason but ultimately play a large role in the historical development, both in business and in politics. One of the great events of the earlier period was the Oil Rush that took place in North America in the 19th century.

If you’re curious about what happened during the event, let’s play Turmoil.

Turmoil simulates the entrepreneurial journey of an individual during the North American oil rush of the 19th century. No matter what character you play, you’ll use your wits, acumen, and decisiveness to enter the exploits of mineral resources in the region, then become rich, dominate the price of oil, collect stocks from all over the world, and automatically become the Governor-General of the land. From there, there are more opportunities and power to exploit more things.


You can choose to be one of four characters:

  • Blanche – the lawyer who is poignant but always bored with his daily job, dreams of getting rich and becoming a great man thanks to the ongoing oil rush.
  • Ricardo – the captain who has a lot of experience but in fact, he never knows how to swim. Years of work bored him, and he wants this time to “swim” in a pile of money by exploiting the oil event.
  • Joshua – the old farmer who wants to get rid of his normal role and become an oil giant with a lot of money in hand.
  • Daisy – the real estate girl who loves to challenge any new money rush. And this is the right time and opportunity for her to embark on a new riches adventure.

Turmoil is a Real-Time-Strategy game. In which, most of the initial time will be spent on searching, exploiting, and managing oil fields. Next is the exchange, purchase, and sale of minerals that have just been exploited in many different forms (finished products, semi-finished products, and raw materials). You will continuously generate profits and make your cash flow proliferate. And going a step higher, you will buy gas, push the price of oil up, buy and sell it for high profit.

You quickly become the richest person in the land. You have a voice, are respected, and trusted by many people. Finally, you are elected as Mayor of the region. From here on, your path to getting rich is now wider and wider. With position and authority in hand, you can order exploitation wherever potential is found, taking advantage of any legitimate means of getting rich. You enter history and are seen as one of the figures driving the overall economy of the United States of America at the time.

There are many competitors and difficulties on the way to getting rich and gaining power. Each stage has its challenges. Along with the detailed instructions in the game, you will gradually find your way and make a strategy to get rich and advance on the road to money and fame.

Initial capital management, oil field management, and efficient exploitation

To go through the process above, you have to constantly use your mind and intellect to strategize everything.

In the first stage, you will use the modest capital you have to buy land at the town’s auction. You start learning the oilfield signs on your property by hiring dowsers and using rather expensive scanning types of equipment. Just for this stage alone, you have to spend a large amount of money from the startup capital. You need to calculate your spending carefully otherwise you will go bankrupt before you see the first oil field.

After figuring out the oil’s path, you will need labor and machinery to set up a network of underground pipelines to avoid leakage or loss of oil along the way. It is also necessary to purchase wagons and silos for transporting and storing oil. All this investment will turn out to be worth it. So, if you don’t overspend and stop in time if you see a position that doesn’t have enough potential, you will develop more.

If you go through the initial investment stage and successfully exploit it, you must continue to think for the next stage. A series of questions arise: how much oil to store, when to sell, how much to sell, how much to keep??? When you choose the right time and the amount of oil to be sold, you will sell a lot of oil and make a profit quickly.

Upgrade technology, expand connectivity

At this point, there is still a lot of work to do. The oil field is gradually running out, the mining equipment is old, and the workforce is stagnant. You must decide to release more money from your profits to upgrade machinery and equipment, invest more in workers, expand the oil extraction network, buy more land to have more mining facilities. You will need to learn how to decide whether to drill through a large rock, how to handle natural gas, how to deal with oil leaks, oil spills… It’s all up to you. You should prepare mentally in advance that by playing Turmoil you will not have a minute to rest.

Well, you may be busy with work, but don’t forget to take time for yourself. Sip some beer at the town’s pub and listen to the gossip. Who knows, there may be interesting information in that gossip for your business plans.

Buy stocks and become Rich Mayor

There are three main areas for resource exploitation: Desert/Plains and Snow. Each area will have its own resource/mineral. For example, the desert has diamonds. By digging deep into the layers of sand and rock, you will find diamonds. Use diamonds to buy gas, use money and gas to push up the price of oil.

Use all the money you have accumulated to buy market shares, stocks, dominate the entire economy of the town, and quickly become the rich Mayor of this land. Having power and property in hand, the whole area will be yours, the more you are free to exploit and continue to get rich and expand your prestige.

Many new things to discover

You will want to play Turmoil again and again without getting bored. Whether you replay the same scene as before and the same level as before, the way the game introduces settings, random situations, and challenges will always bring a new experience.

Not to mention that if you play multiplayer mode, challenging different players will also be a new feeling because each person will have different strategies and decisions.

And the never-end journey in Turmoil is also real. Because new DLC is constantly coming out: new campaigns, opportunities, challenges, rewards. As long as you want to try, Turmoil always has something new to discover.

Download Turmoil APK for Android

Adventure into the world of strategy: exploit, intervene in oil prices, push everything to magical heights, collect stocks, and become the mayor. And there’s so much more for you to unleash in this real-time strategy game set in the historic oil rush. Please download the game to play here.

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