Unholy Adventure: Mystery
Unholy Adventure: Mystery

Unholy Adventure: Mystery

Point and click adventure, puzzle mystery game - narrative game with story mode

Android Android 5.0Adventure
4.7 ( 629 ratings )
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Name Unholy Adventure: Mystery
Publisher Dali Games: adventure games
Genre Adventure
Size 91.7 MB
Version 2.0.9
Update Mar 25, 2022
Unholy Adventure: Mystery is the most famous version in the Unholy Adventure: Mystery series of publisher Dali Games: adventure games
Mod Version 2.0.9
Total installs 500,000+

Unholy Adventure APK is a surreal point-and-click puzzle adventure game from the publisher Dali Games. In the game, you are Peter Grim, an ordinary person who suddenly realizes that everything around him is turning strange. What will you do amid a world of chaos where people are no longer human?

Introduce about Unholy Adventure

An adventure through man’s worst fears!

The background and plot

The game opened with a scene of a fat man drinking beer and watching TV. Suddenly, he heard a scream downstairs. The guy looked through the window and was terrified when he saw so many animal-faced people below. Before he could react, a giant octopus appeared behind him.

Meanwhile, in a building not far away, you, a young man named Peter Grim, were worried if your girlfriend Betty was in trouble on the way home because Betty had looked a bit strange before. You also heard about the strange storm coming. It urged you to contact Betty to see if she were safe, then you had in turn found many other mysterious clues that lead you to a series of mysterious events later. When you realized the giant rats were taking over the city, there was a much bigger secret behind it, which related to the fate of all humanity. And the quarter you lived in was just where it started.

The gameplay is simple but the experience changes immeasurably

Unholy Adventure is made in the surrealist school, with hundreds of challenging puzzles and a rich storyline. All you need to do in the game is just to click and drag to the points you need through the instructions of the dialog boxes (it can be the character’s self-talk or the words of a supporting character).

Every action takes place in great detail. Just trying to find a way to contact Betty for the first part can take a lot of time: looking for the number on the note, finding the phone, dialing the number, looking for another way when the other side doesn’t pick up the phone, … Each thing at a time keeps following each other, you sometimes forget what your task is and only follow the instructions that appear in the game. But at this most neglected moment, suddenly, a huge secret appears in the form of an important puzzle, and if you solve it, you will continue to the next level.

The scene in the game is quite diverse, from Peter’s majestic apartment to an attractive electronics store, or a series of dangerous city sewers, and high-rise buildings now covered with an atmosphere of death and mystery. Every place you go through will have a lot to do and explore. Although the game has a slow tempo at first, and the actions seem overly detailed, you need to be really careful because each is a hint for the following parts. For example, the phone number of Betty that you have on your notepad has the same first numbers as from the tall building where Betty is being held.

The perfect combo for a surreal puzzle adventure game

In a point-and-click adventure game like Unholy Adventure, something to analyze and evaluate must be about the combination of the trio: plot, logic, and graphics.

In terms of plot, it can be said that Unholy Adventure has done a very good job of leading, bringing players into continuous situations, from simple to difficult, from normal to amazing. The plot has different turns, depending on how you solve the puzzles on behalf of Peter. But it is still an unmistakable surrealistic school of horror. The game is very good for those of you who want to evoke the highest level of imagination. It will take you into every level of emotion and sometimes force you to face the most terrifying fears that are from deep in your subconscious.

In other words, this game has whatever obsession you have. I’m afraid of heights and soft, legless animals, so when I greeted the yard, I immediately saw a giant octopus writhing in the big guy’s house. Later on, you will have many other experiences along with one thing, fear.

How about logic? The psychological and logical development of the game is also shown very well, most clearly through the line of thought and action of the main character. The subtle logic along many of the story’s leads and the character’s decisions give Unholy Adventure an uncanny charm. After 5 minutes of playing, when you realize that you do not want to face your own fear is also when your curiosity wins. I believe you will be hard to stop.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in Unholy Adventure are an outstanding display of art. Although it’s only a 2D image, the layering design may make you infatuated, not knowing where this is, who you are, and whether this world is real or a dream. The colors are full of haunting that make your heart tremble with fear: red, black, orange, dark green, smoky gray… It’s like the feeling when you watch a horror cartoon. Everywhere you look, you see fear and threats.

The movement of the characters is quite soft, the effects of the surrounding objects in each scene are also carefully cared for. Thanks to that, you really feel like a part of this creepy world, in the body of Peter Grim, looking for the solution to all the strange things here.

The sound is equally great. First, this is not a key to the game. But the sad, slightly lamentable, and dark background music has helped the players’ emotional penetration when playing Unholy Adventure is up a notch. It’s like when you realize the abnormality is hiding behind the ordinary things beside you every day.

Download Unholy Adventure APK for Android

It is such a surreal puzzle adventure game full of mysterious colors, worth playing every second. It has beautiful graphics, extremely haunting but full of humanity, and is so easy to play. Are you an imaginative gamer? You must play it once!

Download Unholy Adventure via the link below.

- Icons made bigger
- Multiple bugfixes


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