Vector 2
Vector 2

Vector 2

Intense parkour-themed roguelike runner game set in a dystopian world.

Android Android 5.0Action
4.3 ( 891 ratings )
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Name Vector 2
Publisher NEKKI
Genre Action
Size 116.47 MB
Version 1.2.1
Update Feb 22, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Vector 2 is the most famous version in the Vector 2 series of publisher NEKKI
Mod Version 1.2.1
Total installs 50,000,000+

Vector 2 MOD APK is a parkour sprint game that you need to download now if you are addicted to this fast-paced and versatile genre.

Introduce about Vector 2

Run away from the shadows in a never-ending parkour chase

Parkour when entering the game

Parkour is a hip-hop adventure sport. In which, the player will continuously combine many fast, somewhat dangerous moves to perform attractive movements. Spectacular jumps, somersaults in the air, leaping over the roof, clinging to the wall like a Ninja. Although it is dangerous in real life, no one can deny its strange attraction. Of course, it is also applied to the game. Although it is not too much, it is enough to bring a new experience to the player.

One of the typical high-speed parkour-style games that you need to try, if you are curious about this sport, is Vector 2.

There is not any specific story in Vector 2. Your mission is to transform into a dark hero (only seen as a shadow) who is running forward to escape a chase. Run non-stop, use all abilities and items to overcome many traps and obstacles on the way.


With this parkour-style sprint gameplay, players will have to focus on every second. For just a split second of inattention, you can be caught in an accidental trap. And because the frequency of obstacles and harmful objects is dense, you must constantly flex your survival skills to overcome them and survive as long as possible.

This game is quite difficult to play, even for someone who has experience in similar sprint games. It is difficult at first because the number and frequency of pitfalls are so big as I just mentioned. Next is because of the unexpected richness of the trap system in the game: a deep hole, a laser line crossing the aisle, tunnels, an electric robot flying everywhere… You run non-stop, constantly jump, launch, dodge, swing, climb. This diverse combination of two sides has brought Vector 2 many dramatic action scenes. At the same time, it pushes the player’s challenge to the highest level. Roughly, it’s hard to play, once you’ve played it, it’s hard to survive with the tantalizing traps that the game sets.

But fortunately, the character control system in Vector 2 is conveniently designed, the characters are responsive, the action is smooth and extremely flexible. Touching the button is an instant action, so you can move freely without any interference. The operation is also very simple: touch the screen, swipe left, swipe right, swipe up or down to help the character jump, run, swing on terrains, and overcome obstacles. Remember your biggest goal is NOT to collide with even the smallest obstacle.

At the end of each level, there will be a gadget store. Here, with the gold obtained from the previous run, you will buy additional items such as gloves, protective vests, shoes… These items make you look better and help with the road ahead: run faster, jump higher, have acrobatic skills… Some special items can even help you to disappear enemies or slow down time for a while.

Screen structure and graphics

The structure of the game screen in each level is very diverse, like the game’s pitfall system. You have everything to show off your powerful parkour skills. Still in the dark tunnel world where you’re being chased, but sometimes the level is structured in a deductive way (the pitfalls go from less to more), or in a spread-out way (full of traps everywhere), or in a random style (many traps move, and new traps can appear at any time). “Unpredictable” is what you can say about the structure in Vector 2.

The game is designed according to the horizontal screen. Everything is quite simple but no less meticulous. The main character you control is a dark shadow, prominent on the background of white, black, and blue mixed together. You are sometimes the tiny black dot in the epic game screen and rolling forward amidst the chaos of pitfalls. That feeling often makes you feel lonely, making you force yourself to constantly move out of the cramped space in front of you.

I think the moderate, minimalist graphics in Vector 2 bring the highlight to the game, and at the same time, they help players really focus on identifying obstacles and take timely actions. If it were more complicated and sophisticated, it probably would not have the quality of Vector 2 anymore.

APKMODY also has a Vector 2 Premium version available for you to experience for free.

MOD APK version of Vector 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increases when you spend.

Download Vector 2 APK & MOD for Android

Vector 2 is a sprint game with impressive parkour levels, fast-paced, and smooth controls. The constantly changing obstacle course will indeed make it hard for you to take your eyes off the screen.

This update contains:
*modern devices compatibility


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