Walking Dead: Road To Survival

Walking Dead: Road To Survival

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a turn-based role-playing game from the Scopely studio. In the game you play as a captain on the way to build a base, find companions and gather weapons to fight against the zombie army that is rotting the earth every day. Zombie game is completely serious, not funny, no trolling at all.

Introduce about The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

When a serious man fighting zombies!

Zombie theme in The Walking Dead is seriously exploited

Four important elements of a typical Zombie game include:

  1. Sharp graphics, natural smooth movements.
  2. Addictive gameplay.
  3. Diverse, deep scenes.
  4. The plot is subtle, logical.

And if you ask me a suggestion for the classic zombie-themed phone game that meets the four factors mentioned above, then in just a second, I immediately answer, “Let’s play The Walking Dead: Road to Survival”.

You play as the captain of the anti-zombie team, properly from the first minute. Although it is a role-playing game, there is a slight presence of construction and management simulation style. In the beginning, when nothing is in hand, your task is to build your own military base: find the right location, plan, gather resources, and complete the first platforms for the base.

The game is not for those who like to play for fun

The game offers big and small challenges along the way, and every time you pass, you will have an extra amount of cash or invisible rewards as experience points. The money will be used to buy essential items, weapons for yourself and your future associates. Materials and resources to build a stronger base. And experience points will help you accumulate experience and strength to prepare mentally and physically.

Fortunately for you, during this time, only a few zombies appear for fun. Nothing makes you feel tired. Of course, the game also has no reason to send a zombie boss to your base when you still have nothing on hand.

Prepare to meet thousands of zombies exponentially

Simultaneously, with finding resources, consolidating, and expanding the base, the leader will need to find and choose his partners to deal with zombies together. Most of the time, you meet these associates on the road. If you think they can trust, you can invite them to fight. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival shows flexibility on this point. The game doesn’t force you to accept someone if you don’t want to. Here you have the right to consider, investigate, think and choose.

After you choose, the “price” comes very quickly. Typically, after having the first satisfactory partner, you and that person have not had enough time to shake hands and celebrate, a horde of agile zombies suddenly appeared and attacked the base. And they were clearly superior to those undead wandering around when you were building a base.

It just kept going like that exponentially. Every time you have a partner, you should be mentally prepared. Zombies come quickly, crowded and twice as powerful.

The gameplay is flexible

Although you have to strain your brain to figure out how to beat the zombies in a reasonable and fast way with the least effort, in exchange, the system allows you to choose a specific attack target among the enemies. Even more loving, it allows you to find and target a strong zombie’s critical weakness, then one bullet is complete.

As for the flexibility, as I have shared above, the game chooses the player’s liking partner. And the scenes are displayed randomly, meaning that playing the next time will always be different from the last time, so the excitement is always intact, even if you die thousands of times.

Serious zombie game, serious graphics, original storyline

Originating from the cult series The Walking Dead, this game of the same name is considered to go close to the plot content of the movie. Those who do not know the source of the incident can quickly look at the movie summary on the internet before starting to play (I usually do this to save time because I do not have enough time to watch several seasons of a movie).

And you can also see, the 2D graphics style in the game is also very similar to the character creation of the movie. In my opinion, this is a very good move of the manufacturer, because we have not played the game yet, opening the first introduction frame is full of feeling “we belong together” already. However, the game graphics are only 2D, so some images are not smooth. But compared to the 2D pixel art of mobile phones, The Walking Dead did too well.

I really seriously appreciate the seriousness of this game’s graphics. If don’t believe, you can see through images of screenshots in this post.

Game music is also a plus. There’s no need for effects, no complicated music, just discrete pieces, and a few notes dropped in the right place, making the plot even more intriguing, especially when a swarm of zombies chases you.

Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK for Android

Just a small note: because of the violence and the blood scenes that must-have of the zombie theme, the game is labeled for 16+. If you have children, you need to consider it. But if you are older, feel free to download this blockbuster mobile game, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival here.

What's new update

- The Governor awaits in the Mythic Faction Assault Update!
- Work with your teammates to conquer the newly rebalanced Faction Assault!
- The Governor joins Negan as a new faction boss with new mini-bosses, animations, and more!
- Quality of Life updates including Mod Unequip-All button and Team Swap!
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4.1 (612883)
Download Walking Dead: Road To Survival
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App Info
  • App Name Walking Dead: Road to Survival
  • Package Name com.scopely.headshot
  • Publisher Scopely
  • Updated
  • Required Android 4.4
  • Version
  • MOD No
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